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Our Best Travel Tips 

Are you looking for practical travel information? Well, our best travel tips can be found right here just for you. From saving money to travel, safety tips, plus the websites, apps, and products we use to visit over 186 countries to date! The best travel tips are the ones that work.

Trust us, we’ve been travelling the world for over 15 years and we’ve finally got it worked out. If you use our travel tips below, you’ll be on your way to a lifestyle full of travel. 

What are you waiting for? Just browse through the articles below to discover our best travel tips to help you on your way to some incredible destinations. And if you’re keen to know what tools we use to plan our travels to every country, don’t miss our ultimate Travel Resources page.

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  • easy recipes for travel

7 quick, cheap and easy meals for travellers

A lifestyle of travel has provided us with many random skills - so let's share this one with you today. We're often asked what kind of food we prepare on the road, some cheap [...]

  • why you should use airbnb

Why you should use Airbnb when you travel

The way we book accommodation around the world has been rapidly changing over the years. Many travellers have always used hotels, guesthouses, and hostels for accommodation, however, now you have more choice. Airbnb has [...]

  • Best Travel Tips

Our best travel tips from 15 years of travel

Like anything in life, it takes years of practice to be 'good at travelling'. In the beginning, we didn't know all the tricks and expert tips to help us travel cheaper, better and longer. [...]

  • jobs that pay you to travel

20 Jobs that pay you to travel the world

It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Are there really jobs that pay you to travel the world? We've been working our way around the globe for over fifteen years, and yes, [...]

  • best travel websites

The Best Travel Websites To Save Money

Everybody loves to travel. Of course, you need money to do so, but it isn't as expensive as most people believe. The secret to travelling more is to use the best travel websites to find [...]

  • Best travel books of all time

15 Best Travel Books of All Time

This post has been updated in September 2021 The best travel books are those that can transport you to a new place in just a few minutes. You might be planning a new adventure [...]

  • what to eat in marrakech - tagine

What to Eat in Marrakech (and what to avoid)

Marrakech is a great city, however, for a first-time visitor, it can be a little overwhelming. Trying to decide what and where to eat in in this bustling city can be draining. One thing is [...]

  • best portable coffee machine

Portable Coffee Machine – Our Favourite Travel Accessory

As frequent world travellers, we’re often asked which travel accessories we can’t live without? We try to be practical when deciding what gear to squeeze into our 40L carry-on backpacks. Whatever we pack, we must [...]

  • how to find and book cheap flights - aeroplane

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights

We’re well experienced in the tedious and tiresome searching efforts when trying to book cheap flights. We’ve sat for hours on many occasions comparing which website will give us the best deal, the most [...]

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