Welcome to Namibia!

Wildlife. Natural Beauty. Sand Dunes.

Some say that Namibia is perfect for beginner travellers to Africa. If this is true, then what an amazing place to start. Namibia is unlike anywhere else on Earth. A destination where you’ll feel incredibly small by the magnitude of your surroundings. There is no doubt that you will be in awe of Mother Nature’s finest achievements.

There are so many wonderful experiences to have in this desert-covered country. Visit Etosha National Park to see some incredible wildlife such as black rhinos, elephants, the big felines and so much more. Meet traditional tribespeople, surf the dunes and relax with coffee and cake in the coastal city of Swakopmund. This city was established by German colonists in 1892. Honestly, you may feel like you’re sitting in Germany. If you’ve been craving good German bread and coffee and cake, you can find it here. Namibia is a dream destination for photographers and adventure seekers, so don’t forget to pack the camera.

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