Welcome to Nicaragua!

Volcanoes. Beaches. Colonial Architecture.

Set between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua is known for its dramatic terrain of volcanoes, lakes, and beaches. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, yet it is also the most sparsely populated. It also remains one of the least visited nations in Central America. Its neighbour in the south, Costa Rica for the longest time seems to have taken the largest amount of visitors travelling to Central America, but things are changing. If you’re searching for a destination which offers rainforests, adventure, charming colonial towns, vibrant festivals, sleepy surf towns and beaches at a much more affordable cost, then check out Nicaragua. It has all these things, and more.

But there are many things to see and do here. You can admire the colonial architecture in the cities, volcanic landscapes, and gorgeous beaches. For your own island getaway, head to Isla Ometepe by ferry from the port of San Jorge. You can choose to hike the volcano, go kayaking or simply relax in your hammock. We absolutely loved our time here. Don’t miss the picturesque colonial towns of Granada and Leon, and don’t forget your camera!

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