Welcome to Cape Verde!

Islands. Beaches. Music.

A number of islands make up magnificent Cape Verde. Come here to find a blend of beaches, mountains and chilled-out villages by the sea. The main island of Praia is bigger and busier, however, you can find some great beaches, food and music here. Take a ferry to the other islands, it’s all about what you’d like to see and do. Santo Antão is the place for some epic hiking, São Vicente is full of culture, while Mindelo has you covered for cool bars and clubs. On Maio and Sal, find with turquoise waters on gorgeous beaches of white sand, the perfect place to do nothing. Meanwhile, if you make the effort to get to Fogo and Brava, be rewarded with volcanic landscapes and glistening bays. Enjoy the constant music in Cape Verde and feel the morabeza (hospitality) of its people, our favourite memory of Cape Verde.

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