Welcome to The Netherlands!

Bicycles. Canals. Windmills.

This country has charm.  Expect seriously flat scenic landscapes, rivers, canals, and waterways everywhere!  The Dutch are crazy about their bicycles, definitely the preferred mode of transport.  The Netherlands is a relaxed country with friendly people, great nightlife and picturesque villages, and windmills galore! Don’t forget to try some delicious cheese during your visit!

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Food Adventures

The Ultimate Food Map of Europe

Our food map of Europe is reflective of the dishes we’ve tried while exploring the old continent and its glorious food.

Food is one of the main reasons to travel to Europe. Delicious and unknown delicacies can be found in every country.

Food Adventures

8 Foods Worth Travelling to Europe For

Europe is a food-lovers paradise! We’ve eaten our way throughout this incredible food continent and these are definitely 8 foods worth travelling to Europe for.

How many do you know and how many have you tried?