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Incredible Cuisine. Warm Hospitality. History.

Been looking for a cuisine that ticks all the boxes? Lebanon has you covered! This country has so many incredible dishes, treats and snacks – it’s food lovers heaven. The cool city of Beirut is best discovered on foot and make sure you enjoy some of the nightlife, think chilled bars and sheesha pipes. In the past, Lebanon has been damaged by decades of civil war and the interventions and invasions of neighbouring nations. Yet, through it all, Lebanon has some of the most genuine and welcoming people around. Explore the country full of epic mountain vistas and ancient ruins. As a result of ongoing war, Lebanon now has a huge population of Palestinian and Syrian refugees currently taking shelter in the country.

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15 Most Popular Foods of Lebanon

Lebanese cuisine is one of the most vibrant and flavourful in the world. It’s a combination of diverse flavours and cooking techniques that make Lebanese food an absolute delight to eat.

If you haven’t tried Lebanese cuisine yet, then you’re missing out on a whole world of tasty, healthy, and exciting dishes.

Food Adventures

Travelling for Food? 10 Best Countries for Food Lovers

Travel for food? Me too! As I’ve travelled around the globe, my love for tasting new cuisines has become an obsession.

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