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Tiny Island Nation. Least Visited. Hard to Reach.

The small country of Nauru is located 4 hours from the coast of Australia. It is officially the least visited country in the world, with less than 300 visitors per year. This used to be one of the richest countries in the world per capita. When phosphate was discovered on the island, it became a gold mine and ultimately each citizen of Nauru became quite wealthy. Once the phosphate was gone, there was little to drive the countries economy. A few years ago, a controversial resettlement plan was proposed by the Australian government and Nauru found a new source of income. Unfortunately this offshore processing centre for refugees has been highly critized and condemned by many human rights organisations. As for travellers, this country is both expensive to reach and hard to get a tourist visa. The island can be explored within a few hours. There are currently 4 functioning hotels and currency is AUD.

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How to get a Visa for Nauru in 4 Easy Steps

Nauru is considered one of the least visited countries in the world. This tiny island located in the Pacific arguably receives less than 300 people per year.

While many neighbouring countries allow visa-free access for many nationalities, getting a visa for Nauru can be challenging.

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