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Few Tourists. Roman Ruins. Sahara

Ask anyone in the travel world about Libya and you will get a blank stare. The years of conflicts are probably the only thing that will come to mind. While the situation on the ground remains unstable, the country does have incredible sights to offer to visitors. Hopefully one day Libya will welcome tourists the same way as the neighbouring country, Egypt.

Libya is home to a few world-class sights. Imagine the largest ancient Roman ruins, beautiful oases, and lost cities in the Sahara all waiting to be visited. The main highlight is the magnificent coastal site of Leptis Magna! One of the largest and best-preserved Roman cities in the world, it will really take your breath away. You can also visit the indigenous Berber heartlands to learn more about the traditional way of living, which stands in a contrast with Tripoli’s 20th-century Italian architecture heritage.

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How to Visit Libya in 2024

If you plan to visit Libya in the near future, you might find very little information on how to visit Libya as a tourist.

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