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Intriguing & Unique. Secretive. Art Deco

Eritrea is located in the horn of Africa and it is known as one of the least visited countries in the world. Sadly it also earned the nickname “The North Korea of Africa”. Obtaining a visa can be a challenge, but Eritrea is definitely worth a visit. The capital Asmara boasts incredible art deco buildings, vibrant cafe culture and if lucky, the old cinemas are operating again so you can pop in to watch a new movie in a very old school cinema.

Explore further afield: Keren in the north is famous for the Camel Market held here each Monday and the coastal city of Massawa used to be an important port town during Ottoman rule. For those seeking adventure, the Dahlak archipelago offers excellent snorkelling opportunities.

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Eritrea Travel Tips | 10 Essential Things to Know Before You Go

If you’re planning to visit this country, these Eritrea Travel tips are essential. Eritrea is one of the least visited countries in Africa and is known as one of Africa’s most closed-off states.

A nation that many people have never even heard of, Eritrea was our final country to visit from all 54 nations in Africa.

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