Epic landscapes, rolling mountains & massive lakes are all highlights of central Asia. Southeast Asia is a top pick for diving, surfing, sun-bathing, amazing food and cultural immersion. Good food is like a religion all over Asia – it doesn’t get much better than this. Did we mention that it’s super affordable too? Travel here will leave you mesmerized by impressive architecture, beautiful minarets, ancient cities, and hospitable locals.

There are so many reasons to visit any one of these wonderful countries. The question now becomes: which one should you choose first?


20 Most Popular Foods from Iraq – Iraqi Cuisine

Iraqi cuisine draws from ancient Mesopotamian, Persian, Arab, & Ottoman influences. 

These 20 popular foods from Iraq showcase this exciting cuisine, celebrating flavour and love in every bite.

Iraqi cuisine foods from Iraq on table

28 Most Popular Foods from India 

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the palm-tree-lined beaches in Goa, the foods from India will surely hit the spot!

Indians are magicians in finding the right balance of spices, textures, and colours to captivate the senses and excite the taste buds.

Womans hands holding foods from India

5 Best Warungs in Canggu, Bali

If you’re visiting Canggu for just a short time or planning to stay for much longer, you need to know about the best warungs in Canggu to enjoy delicious local food.

Canggu is a hotspot for some excellent and affordable international food, but if you’re simply craving a big plate of flavourful, home-cooked Indonesian food, you can’t beat sitting in one of these 5 best warungs in Canggu to satisfy any hunger.

15 Amazing Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most favoured destinations and the list of amazing things to do in Thailand is endless.

This beautiful country is jam-packed with culture, stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, welcoming people and so much more.

Southeast Asia Packing List – ULTIMATE Guide for 2024

Planning a trip to Southeast Asia? Our guide covers the essentials to include in your Southeast Asia packing list.

We’ve visited all countries in SE Asia, and it’s one of our favourite areas to explore.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam – Everything You Need To Know 2024

The Ha Giang Loop is a scenic motorcycle route in the northernmost province of Vietnam, Ha Giang. It takes riders through rugged mountains, terraced rice fields, and remote villages of ethnic minority groups (Hmong, Tay, Dao, and Lo Lo to name just a few).

The loop is approximately 350 kilometres long and usually takes around three to four days to complete. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, challenging roads, and unique cultural experiences.

25 Most Popular Foods from Bangladesh

The most popular foods from Bangladesh promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience. 

From aromatic biryanis to hearty lentil-based curries, each dish celebrates spices, fresh herbs, and locally sourced produce. 

hand over rice curry and naan bread Bangladesh

20 Most Popular Foods in Burma (Food in Myanmar) 

Burmese cuisine is wonderfully diverse, influenced by India, China, Thailand, and the culinary cultures of many ethnic minorities.

The foods in Burma reflect various flavours from these diverse culinary traditions.

Si Hta Min or yellow sticky rice in Myanmar

20 Best Hanoi Restaurants – Hanoi Food Guide

Welcome to the culinary paradise of Hanoi, my favourite food city in Vietnam and one of my top food cities worldwide.

It’s easy to find good food in Hanoi; it’s on every corner. However, locating the best Hanoi restaurants and street food vendors takes time, effort, and a huge appetite!

20 Most Popular Foods From Laos

The foods in Laos explode with tantalizing flavours, lively colours, and a fiery kick from fresh, aromatic herbs and chillies. 

This is an exciting cuisine that you need to try!

Sticky rice papaya salad - Popular foods from Laos