Epic landscapes, rolling mountains & massive lakes are all highlights of central Asia. Southeast Asia is a top pick for diving, surfing, sun-bathing, amazing food and cultural immersion. Good food is like a religion all over Asia – it doesn’t get much better than this. Did we mention that it’s super affordable too? Travel here will leave you mesmerized by impressive architecture, beautiful minarets, ancient cities, and hospitable locals.

There are so many reasons to visit any one of these wonderful countries. The question now becomes: which one should you choose first?


18 Most Popular Foods from Afghanistan

Explore the diverse and flavourful world of Afghan cuisine with these most popular dishes.

Foods from Afghanistan, known for their aromatic spices and hearty ingredients, include favourites like Kabuli pulao, kebabs, tender meats and mouthwatering sweets. 

10 Best Things To Do in Kuwait

Between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is renowned for its modern architecture, luxurious shopping malls, and vibrant culinary scene, offering a blend of traditional Arab cuisine and international flavours. 

Visit Kuwait Towers - One of the most popular things to do in Kuwait

How to Get an East Timor Visa on Arrival

Planning a trip to East Timor? You’ll be pleased to know that obtaining a visa to explore this fascinating country is very straightforward.

East Timor offers the convenience of a visa on arrival for travellers and visitors, making the entry process hassle-free and efficient.

20 Most Popular Foods From Korea

South Korea is renowned for its rich culinary traditions and nourishing, well-balanced diet.

From sizzling barbecues, comforting stews and crispy street snacks to intricate royal delicacies, Korean food is a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation.

15 Best Phuket Restaurants – A Food Guide for Phuket Town

Welcome to Phuket Town, a haven for food lovers and a hub of culinary creativity. This colourful city has a thriving food scene that blends Thai cuisine with influences from various cultures.

These include Chinese, Burmese, Malay & Indian flavours to name a few. Many of the best Phuket restaurants are located in Phuket Town.

15 Top Hoi An Restaurants and Places to Eat

Welcome to the charming city of Hoi An, one of the most popular places to visit on any trip to Vietnam. Many visitors are attracted to this destination for its enchanting blend of history, culture, and beauty. From the UNESCO World Heritage site and ancient town to its stunning beaches and vibrant markets, it will leave you captivated by its charm.

In addition, many Hoi An restaurants serve some of the best food you will taste in the country.

35 Must-Try Foods in Turkey – A Turkish Food Guide

Whenever I get the chance to return to Turkey, I begin to plan which foods in Turkey I’d like to eat first. It often starts with freshly baked borek, sizzling spiced meats, lahmacun, tasty meze, and delicious desserts. 

Turkish food is exciting, packed with flavour, and incredibly diverse.

17 Best Danang Vietnam Restaurants – A Complete Guide

Welcome to the delicious coastal city of Da Nang (or Danang). Many visitors flock to Danang for the endless stretch of white beaches, the sun, and the holiday vibes. Not only does this city have this to offer visitors; the culinary scene here is thriving too!

Yes, you can find decent food around the city, but if you want to eat some of the best Vietnamese food while you’re here, then my list of the best Danang Vietnam restaurants is made just for you.

20 Best Hanoi Restaurants – Hanoi Food Guide

Welcome to the culinary paradise of Hanoi, my favourite food city in Vietnam and one of my top food cities worldwide. It’s easy to find good food in Hanoi; it’s on every corner.

However, locating the best Hanoi restaurants and street food vendors takes time, effort, and a huge appetite!

I love to arrive in a new city and have a list of the best places to eat from someone who has ‘done the research’.

So, I recently spent a few weeks in Hanoi eating as many dishes as possible, so I could assemble this list.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam – Everything You Need To Know 2023

The Ha Giang Loop is a scenic motorcycle route in the northernmost province of Vietnam, Ha Giang. It takes riders through rugged mountains, terraced rice fields, and remote villages of ethnic minority groups (Hmong, Tay, Dao, and Lo Lo to name just a few).

The loop is approximately 350 kilometres long and usually takes around three to four days to complete. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, challenging roads, and unique cultural experiences.