Welcome to Brunei!

Lush Forests. Oil. Small country.

A small and quiet country that boasts the largest oilfields in Southeast Asia. In terms of highlights and tourist sites, there isn’t a whole lot to see and do in this tightly regulated sultanate, however, the people are welcoming. Did you know that the tiny sultanate of Brunei is a part of of a naval empire that once controlled all of Borneo and part of the present-day Philippines? The real drawing card of this destination lies in the natural environment.

In very recent years, or since early 2019, Brunei has taken a new direction that has prompted concern and criticism from all over the world. They introduced a strict interpretation of sharia law and under the new legislation, homosexual acts and adultery are punishable by death by stoning. Also, theft is punishable by the amputation of limbs.

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