Welcome to Maldives!

Pristine Beaches. Sunshine. Turquoise Water.

How do you imagine the Maldives? We’ve all seen the images splashed over postcards and on the front of every travel brochure. Photos of beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, abundant marine life and sublime sunsets. It’s certainly a destination that has the looks. And do you know what, the Maldives has so much character to match the dazzling reputation too. The Maldives are an idyllic destination, that’s well known all over the world. However, don’t believe that all this luxury has to come with a massive price tag.

The Maldives are made up of many islands. You can choose to stay in those dreamy over-water bungalows on the water (if you’ve got the cash to part with). But, you don’t need to break the bank to come and visit paradise. We explored the best of this stunning destination by staying on a local island. Our accommodation was very comfortable, the beaches were just as idyllic and the people were very hospitable. Read more below about why the Maldives is a destination available for everyone, not just those with a big bank balance.

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