Welcome to Andorra!

Mountains. Skiing. Hiking.

A super small country full of churches, mountains and valleys and peaks wedged between France and Spain. This is where you’ll find some of the best skiing and resort facilities in the Pyrenees. In the summer time, there’s some incredible walking trips for every level of fitness. Choose from a super easy walk to a demanding day hike. One thing is for sure, the views are amazing! Andorra’s official language is Catalan, however Spanish and French are also spoken. Oh, and English is very widely spoken, lots of expats live in Andorra. Could it be because the alcohol is untaxed and super cheap?

Either way, Andorra is a super small nation and we believe its a great destination to visit in both the summer and winter season. Oh, and for the younger travellers wishing to earn some dollars for future travels, Andorra is always looking for temporary staff. The busiest time to hire new staff is for the winter season when this tiny nation receives droves of visitors from Europe and the UK keen to hit the ski slopes.

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