About Malawi

People from Malawi are friendly, you’ll feel it as soon as you arrive. In fact, many travelers will tell you that Malawi is the friendliest country in Africa, competing for the title with Sudan. Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, but despite the lack of the coast, it offers unrivaled diversity.

The enormous Great Rift Valley and massive Lake Malawi contribute to a truly unique landscape. Who needs the ocean when you have Lake Malawi? Its clear waters are brimming with colourful fish and it’s a popular place for boating and fishing.

Whether your interest is to snorkel, dive, kayak, or chill out on gorgeous beaches, Malawi will welcome you with open arms. It’s small, affordable, and relatively easy to travel around. It will definitely leave an impression, and we are warning you – it will be hard to leave.

Flag of Malawi

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