Welcome to Grenada!

Gorgeous Beaches. Tasty Food. Hiking.

There’s something special about this island. It’s location is further south, so it doesn’t receive the hordes of tourists that some of the other island in the north do, so it feels chilled out and relaxed. There are some pristine white sandy beaches to enjoy here and nature lovers will love the hiking and waterfalls here. The capital of St George is one of the prettiest capitals in the Caribbean, some beautiful views to see for sure. Listen to the Caribbean reggae beats everywhere you go and look out for some delicious food and welcoming hospitality from the locals.

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Best Food Tour in Grenada (2024)

Grenada, an island paradise in the Caribbean with pristine white sand beaches, swaying palms, waterfalls, welcoming locals and a relaxed vibe…but what is it that makes this island extra special?