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White sand beaches, blue waters and high-end resorts is what comes to mind when we imagine Mauritius. Yes, that’s all here; but don’t forget about the fantastic hiking opportunities, world class diving and culinary experiences on offer too. Explore this large island at your own pace and be sure to visit the bustling, delicious capital city of Port Louis too.

Flag of Mauritius

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What to eat in Mauritius – 9 foods you must try

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  Mauritius is a multi-cultural island blending many cuisines from all over the world. There were no indigenous people on the island before the first Portuguese settlers arrived. With colonial governments turning Mauritius into [...]

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21 Things you didn’t know about Mauritius

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Mauritius, the island known for its white-sand beaches, luxury resorts and sapphire waters. But there are a few things you probably didn't know about Mauritius. Here are 21 interesting facts: History of Mauritius: 1) Mauritius [...]

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