best things to do in grenada - Best food tour in Grenada

It is known as ‘the spice island’, so naturally, you might expect the cuisine here to be bursting with fresh spices and loads of flavour.

We’re here to confess that it is! We didn’t want to miss a morsel of this delicious cuisine so we sought out the best food tour in Grenada and turned up ready to discover what Grenadian food was all about.

We joined this Guided Grenada Food Tour, and it really was the best food tour in Grenada.

Our foodie guide, Addie met us with a huge smile at a central point in the small capital of St George.

We were on our way after briefly introducing what we were to expect over the next 4 hours.

Grenada Food Tour – Let’s start the day with a typical Grenadian breakfast

Our first stop was one of my favourites! Addie let us into the centre of the local market vendors and sat us down on some tables and chairs and explained we were first going to enjoy a typical Grenadian breakfast.

A moment later, a bright plateful of food arrived and Addie explained what we had been served. The name of the dish is saltfish and bake.

I’d read about this and wondered if it might be too fishy for a breakfast dish, but after a mouthful, I was pleasantly surprised. This was good, really good! As the name implies, this is fresh fish that has been dried and salt-cured.

The dried fish was mixed with some grated carrot and spices and the overall balance of flavour was perfect. And a great way to start our food tour of St George which turned out to be the best food tour in Grenada.

Best food tour in Grenada breakfast
Our best food tour in Grenada included Saltfish and bake, a typical Grenadian breakfast. This was surprisingly delicious! Food Grenada gets my thumbs up.

The ‘bake’ is the bread that is served alongside the saltfish. It’s similar to deep-fried bread or dough and this one was tasty. In addition to the food, we were served a big cup of bush tea. The tea is typically made from fresh bay leaves and mint leaves.

The herbs are steeped in hot water to create a fresh flavour. You can take tea with a little sugar or not. Either way, I really enjoyed this combination; a great first stop on the tour and a sign of tasty things to come.

Food tours are the best introduction to discovering a new country

As we strolled away from there, I turned back to remember the location of this unassuming little eatery as I’d never have guessed that it was a place to get such great food. This is my favourite thing about joining food tours in different countries, you get all the tips and tricks from the locals to return to later on in your trip.

What would a Caribbean food tour be without a fresh coconut stop? We stopped and watched as a lady cracked open a young coconut for each of us with two slicing actions of her machete. She has clearly done this a thousand times.

With the morning sun beating down, this was very refreshing. After devouring the coconut water inside, the lady again cracks our coconuts in half. She effortlessly sliced a small spoon from the coconut shells for each of us. Now that’s clever, I thought. I’m learning so many new life skills on this best food tour in Grenada.

We chat with our guide Addie as we scoop the sweet flesh or jelly from the interior of the coconut. 

Best food tour in Grenada markets
All smiles on our Grenada Food Tour. Marty and I with our food guide Addie on the best food tour in Grenada

Let’s learn about why they call Grenada the ‘Spice Island’

We were guided into the spice market to learn more about the abundance of spices on the island and what they are essentially used for. We met Ms. Gemma, a local lady with a small spice stall that has been in business there for over 25 years or more.

She really knew her stuff. We learned more about the medicinal benefits of many of the spices and also how to create some delicious dishes too.

It is inclusions like this that make this the best food tour in Grenada. And, I was surprised at how good the food in Grenada tasted!

best food tour in grenada Gemma king
Ms Gemma and her spice stall – the highlight of the best food tour in Grenada

Let’s check out the tropical fruit

Grenada is a tropical island with an abundance of fresh fruit, so our next stop made sense. A small shop that blends fresh fruit smoothies! We tried a few tasters of some juice smoothies, however, one of them was a little special.

Not only does this fruit boast an endless list of medicinal benefits when consumed, but it’s also delicious.

The fruit is called soursop and today we enjoyed this fruit blitzed with a little milk. Mmmmm, the flavour is sublime. Super refreshing! 

Best food tour in Grenada the fort
The best food tour in Grenada includes a visit to see the interior of Fort George.

We left the stop with smoothies in hand as we wandered out of the small city centre and towards Fort George.

We listened as Addie told us some history about the island and the significance of Fort George. We entered the fort to explore a little further and it was here that we were introduced to the best views of St George.

After we’d taken many beautiful photos here, we walked back down the hill and wandered along the carenage (the port waterfront of St George). It was lunchtime and I heard Addie mention roti. Fantastic, because I love roti!

Lunchtime on the best food tour in Grenada

We were seated at an upstairs breezy restaurant, right near the window so we could look over the beautiful bay to enjoy lunch. Fresh, chilled tamarind juice was served as we learned more about Grenadian culture and lifestyle. It’s always nice to hear some stories from a local to gain a better perspective about a country.

Our lunch had arrived, today was chicken roti and it looked and smelled incredible. A flaky roti bread wrapped together with the filling of boneless chicken breast and potatoes. The best part was the delicately spiced Indian masala (sauce) spilling out of the middle. It was excellent.

This Grenada Food Tour is really turning it on for us today.

best food tour in grenada
One of the best chicken roti I’ve ever eaten! Of course, it’s on our best food tour in Grenada

Chocolate Stop, anyone?

As we left our lunch place, smiling and satisfied from a filling lunch, we walked a short distance to our final stop of the food tour. The Grenada Chocolate Museum. Yes!

We learned about the production and journey of the cacao pod to chocolate products in a short tour inside the museum.

best food tour in grenada
Best food tour in Grenada – Dried cocoa beans in the chocolate museum

It’s interesting to taste cacao in its purest form before any sugar or milk products are added. The cacao produced in Grenada is sought after by many countries around the world because it’s up there with the best.

Of course, we couldn’t visit a chocolate museum without trying some chocolate products. We indulged in some chocolate cheesecake, which was divine.

This was the perfect way to complete the best food tour in Grenada on an island nation that seems to have it all.

best food tour in grenada
Best food tour in Grenada? Yes, it is! Marty looks pretty happy with her chocolate cheesecake.

We bid farewell to Addie, our smiling food-loving guide as we strolled off into the cobble-stoned streets of St George. What a wonderful morning spent tasting and touring around this pretty capital.

I loved that we still had the whole day to enjoy more of this sun-kissed island. With full bellies, we were keen to spend the rest of our day on the beach!

How To Book the Best Food Tour in Grenada

Interested in joining a Food Tour of Grenada? Visit Savor the Spice website for their full range of Food Tours available. And if you’re keen to book a trip now, this Guided Food & City Tour of Grenada is highly recommended.

TIP: It’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes as you will be required to walk from place to place during the tour. There are a few small hills in Grenada to see the fantastic views of St George. Bring a hat and sunscreen or a light shirt too, it gets hot out there!

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