About Colombia

Pristine Caribbean coast, wild Amazon jungle, epic mountain landscapes, cosmopolitan cool cities, and cobble-stoned colonial villages. There are so many reasons to plan a trip to Colombia!

We fell in love with Colombia on our 6 months-long journeys across South America. We weren’t sure if we should or shouldn’t visit, we were concerned about the safety, but once we arrived we immediately wanted to stay longer. In fact, it was our favourite country and we can’t wait to return, hopefully, to take some more Spanish classes as we also loved the Colombian accent.

How to sum up Colombia? The people, the culture, the lifestyle and the food is incredible. Oh, and yes, everyone can dance, especially in Cali. And of course, the coffee is amazing too. Don’t miss the small places such as the colonial town of  Popayan and deep in the mountains San Agustin and its archaeological park which is home to hundreds of pre-Columbian statues. Not to forget the famous seaside town of Cartagena. Yup Cartagena, does see a huge amount of tourists, but there are still parts of the city you can explore on your own. 

Flag of Colombia

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