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Surf Beaches. Mayan Ruins. Reefs.

A country often avoided or travelled quickly due to its dangerous image. It’s true that many visitors quickly tick off seeing the Maya ruins at Copan and the beaches of the Bay Islands, and then move on to other countries in Central America. There is no denying that Honduras does have a concerning issue with security. Honduras did suffer through a decade of terrible violence, yet the country is on the mend. It’s important to be aware and take extra care in the cities here.

But, for those who dare, you can discover white sandy beaches fringed by the world’s second-largest barrier reef in Honduras. There is so much unspoiled, natural beauty here. There are Mayan ruins and jungles to explore, colonial architecture, cobblestone villages and as much fresh seafood as you can handle. The country is certainly not for the first time traveller, but if you’re keen for adventure, Honduras is waiting for you.

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Food Adventures

15 Most Popular Foods From Honduras

With its unique blend of indigenous, Spanish, and Caribbean influences, the foods from Honduras offer a delicious combination of flavours and textures.

Honduran cuisine is a culinary delight heavily rooted in using beans, corn, and plantains. These three ingredients form the foundation of many traditional dishes, showcasing the country’s rich agricultural heritage.