About Kenya

Kenya is the land of the Masai Mara and many other traditional peoples. It’s here that you can discover the Kenyan savannah, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, lakelands and mountain highlands. Come here to see the migration of zebras and wildebeest in their millions. If you want to see the ‘Big 5’, this is where some of the best wildlife safaris begin. Home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos, you’re likely to see them all right here, in Africa’s playground.

Kenya is that picture you see of the acacia tree at dusk, on the savannah with wildlife scattered as far as the eye can see. Kenya is often the starting point for adventure travellers embarking on some epic overland trips throughout Africa. And for this travellers who want to go in depth and discover the best of Kenya, you won’t be disappointed. Kenya has so much to offer from sights to see, wildlife, some great food and fantastic coffee too.

Flag of Kenya

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