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Pristine. Gorgeous. Remote

Palau is a unique array of natural wonders. A magical archipelago of over 400 islands, part of the Micronesia region in the Pacific Ocean. You can imagine the underwater world here – and yes, it’s spectacular!

Some even refer to it as the ‘underwater Serengeti’, due to the fascinating myriad of marine life. It’s no surprise that diving is the top activity here, with world-renowned pristine dive sites. Diving enthusiasts travel here from all over the world to explore the mesmerising shipwrecks and diverse sea creatures.

But, even if you’re not keen to discover life under the sea, perhaps snorkelling, or kayaking is more your style? And for the history fans out there, an abundance of WWII relics in the jungle will keep you busy. Palau isn’t an easy (or cheap) destination to visit, but those who do discover this jewel give it rave reviews.

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10 Awesome Things To Do In Palau

Palau is a beautiful island nation with a population of 20,000+ people. Sure it’s small, but there are many things to do in Palau when you arrive.

You could say that Palau island feels like one big town, everyone knows everyone here!