Welcome to Mali!

Desert. Colours. Music.

Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. The heart of this nation is Bamako, the busy capital city. Mopeds are king, roads are dusty and the markets are full of colour and life. For now though, the rest of this country is off-limits. It’s monuments, stories and landscapes sealed from tourists by a conflict that is threatening the very culture of Mali. It’s recommended to check on the current security situation before making any travel plans.

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How to get Burkina Faso Visa in Bamako Mali

A Burkina Faso visa is easy to get in Bamako.

You can get your visa in 24 hours or even the same day. It is also possible to get a visa on arrival in Burkina Faso, however, it costs 94,000 CFA, this is double the cost of the visa if you obtain it in Bamako.