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Plate of foods from Brazil
Food Adventures

20 Most Popular Foods From Brazil 

Renowned for its diverse meat dishes and barbecues, Brazilian cuisine is a fusion of indigenous, Portuguese, and African influences.

This vast nation boasts a rich selection of exotic vegetables, tropical fruits, abundant seafood options, and delicious stews.

pan au chocolate and coffee in Tunisia
Food Adventures

20 Popular Breakfast Foods in Africa

If you plan to travel to Africa, you may wonder what food you can expect to eat.

This post focuses solely on breakfast foods in Africa, the day’s most important meal! Is breakfast here sweet, savoury, light or heavy?

Read on to find out!

Womans hands holding foods from India
Food Adventures

28 Most Popular Foods from India 

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the palm-tree-lined beaches in Goa, the foods from India will surely hit the spot!

Indians are magicians in finding the right balance of spices, textures, and colours to captivate the senses and excite the taste buds.

Food Adventures

5 Best Warungs in Canggu, Bali

If you’re visiting Canggu for just a short time or planning to stay for much longer, you need to know about the best warungs in Canggu to enjoy delicious local food.

Canggu is a hotspot for some excellent and affordable international food, but if you’re simply craving a big plate of flavourful, home-cooked Indonesian food, you can’t beat sitting in one of these 5 best warungs in Canggu to satisfy any hunger.

hand over rice curry and naan bread Bangladesh
Food Adventures

25 Most Popular Foods from Bangladesh

The most popular foods from Bangladesh promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience. 

From aromatic biryanis to hearty lentil-based curries, each dish celebrates spices, fresh herbs, and locally sourced produce. 

grilled baby squid Croatian cuisine
Food Adventures

20 Most Popular Foods from Croatia

Picture sun-kissed coastlines adorned with olive groves and vineyards, where freshly caught grilled seafood lingers in the air alongside the irresistible scent of roasted lamb. 

The mouthwatering foods in Croatia are why I love to return to this delicious country.

curry and roti foods in guyana
Food Adventures

20 Most Popular Foods in Guyana

Guyana, situated on South America’s northern mainland, is renowned for its rich natural landscapes and abundant waterways.

The fusion of flavours in many foods in Guyana truly captivates, it may even be the highlight of your visit.