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Powerhouse. Oil. Huge.

Nigeria is huge. It’s the most populated country in Africa with over 170 million people. What this means is that one in every 7 Africans is a Nigerian. There are over 250 ethnic groups in the country. It’s hard to believe that Lagos alone has a staggering 21 million inhabitants, yet from our experience, they’re friendly people. Like many African countries, the country’s economy boomed because of its crude oil. It’s the world’s 12th largest producer. In fact, a litre of fuel here costs only 50c. Sadly, the country isn’t considered very safe as a whole. Many problems can be attributed to the country’s political instability, religious division and terrorist sects. Several Nigerian provinces are considered no-go areas due to terrorist and criminal activities and attacks, particularly in the North. Please check your governments latest security advice before travelling to Nigeria.

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Is it Safe to Walk around in Lagos, Nigeria

The city of Lagos is huge! Divided into islands and lagoons, some areas of the city are visually much nicer, and other areas are quite the opposite.

Either way, wherever you look in Lagos, you’ll see concrete walls, compounds, barbed wire and security guards.