Should we go travelling West Africa? Why not? There are 16 countries in this region and after spending several months here; we have a little recap for you from our crazy travels across this region of Africa. 

Travelling West Africa

Travelling West Africa on Africa Overlanding trip – Meeting the locals

Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)

We started off with an island nation that many haven’t heard about. It was great and at the time, it reminded us of Cuba. Nice architecture, food full of flavour and easy days to explore the main island. Most travellers that go travelling West Africa don’t get out here, but it is worth it. 

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We said goodbye to our comforts and entered the dusty streets of this huge country. This felt like the real start of our travel West Africa adventure. Our highlight was Couchsurfing in the capital and drinking plenty of tea with our Couchsurfing host and her local friends. The fish market was amazing too!

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Timbuktu and Djenne are still high on our bucket list, but due to security we only got as far as Bamako. That’s the thing whenever you decide to go travelling in West Africa, there will always be places you can’t visit. Mali was great. Colourful markets, an old train station and some very good times with our new friend. 

But it wasn’t so easy travelling through countries in Central Africa. We had to consider many factors to ensure our safety and avoid the very real threat of kidnapping. Read more – Travelling in Central Africa – Why are we moving faster?

Burkina Faso

What a nice surprise. The capital Ouagadougou seemed more relaxed after Bamako and we got to see the Sindou Peaks, which reminded us of the Bungle Bungles in West Australia. Who knew we will be travelling West Africa thoroughly before we travel West Australia. We had some great food and saw a baobab tree.

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There is no secret here, we loved Niger! Again our adventures were limited to Niamey and surrounding areas but we had a fantastic time. We ate some world-class brochettes here (marinated fillet beef on skewers), and visited markets and a cool bar at the river for sunset.

But the highlight was seeing the West African giraffes in the wild. It could be advertising on why travelling West Africa is the destination for all wildlife lovers.


Applying for many visas in Dakar wasn’t all that fun, but we had a lovely Airbnb host here. We ventured to the colonial town of St Louis and down to the beaches of Cap Skirring. We had some tiring travel days, but some yummy food too. If you need to get some visas to continue travelling West Africa overland, this is a good place to get them.  

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We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived, but we found the colonial streets of Bissau quite charming. Sure, everything needed more than just a bit of TLC, but the food was tasty, the beer was cold and the people were laid back and friendly. The place has character and we seem to enjoy destinations that were former Portuguese colonies.

We suggest you spend more time here when you plan travelling West Africa and how long to stay in each place.

The Gambia

The entry to this tiny country was far from ideal with corrupt officers asking for bribes. You can read the whole story here, we can only laugh about it now. But getting to the beach gave us the break we needed. With some live music, great fish dinners and sunsets on the beach we were ready to head further south.

Finding English speaking countries when you’re on the road travelling in West Africa always feels like a bonus.


We flew into Liberia and just like that we entered tropical Africa. Our highlight was a visit to an old Ducor Hotel – once a true star of Africa now sits forgotten on top of the hill overlooking the capital. Beers and sunset from the rooftop were epic.

We got to experience some great Liberian food in the local eateries. So much flavour! Our 8 favourite West African dishes are here.

Sierra Leone

The journey into Sierra Leone was a tough one – it took us two days to reach the capital with multiple breakdowns on tough unpaved roads. But it was worth it. When you start travelling in West Africa, you’ll find the best beaches here. And, we finally managed a visit to a national park.

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Guinea is the wild beast of West Africa. Everything is harder, tougher and takes even more time than elsewhere else. Lucky for us, this part of travelling in West Africa was spent on an Africa Overlanding trip with Dragoman.

Our bush camping at a local school became the night to remember. The entire village came to welcome us and since we didn’t have a common language we decided to dance and sing. From Macarena to Hokey Pokey – it was the perfect way to communicate.

Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Mountains in the north, the biggest church in Africa in its capital Yamoussoukro and some relaxing days spent on the beach. We could see some real development here, especially in the coastal city of Abidjan.

Naturally, when you travel West Africa overland, there will be a time you just want a cup of coffee in a nice cafe and a day to relax. We were able to do this on Ivory Coast.


Everyone told us you are going to love Ghana and we did. Known as the “West Africa for beginners” it certainly offers everything you need as a traveller.

Slave forts to learn more about history, national parks, the chilled Volta region and Accra sure knows how to do nightlife well. If you’re not sure that you’re ready to set off travelling West Africa, come to Ghana for the first taste of it and then decide.

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We rolled into the capital city of Lome and found an industrial city which we weren’t expecting. Instead, we headed north into the mountains for some hiking and waterfalls. We also spent a few days on the beach, but the currents are too strong here to swim.

travelling west africa overloading togo

Travelling West Africa is fascinating to learn about different African cultures


The country that is known for Voodoo seems to pack a lot in. We learned more about the Dahomey kingdoms in the north, saw a Voodoo ceremony and rediscovered slavery routes in Ouidah. After our beach days, we hung out in Cotonou where a friend hosted us while we waited for our Nigeria visa to be approved.


Our final country in West Africa. Travelling West Africa has been a crazy adventure by this stage and we were ready to reach this point. It wasn’t easy getting to Nigeria due to delays with our visa, but once we rolled into Lagos we found the people to be the main thing to remember. 

Great food and coffee were easy to find although not cheap and we visited a very cool gallery here as well.

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