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Efficiency. Beer. Castles.

Germany is a super organised country – and the German people like it that way. The country is clean, convenient, and ticks over like a well-oiled machine. They love to follow the rules, hate when people break them; yet they’ve got it all worked out. Cities are vastly different from each other here – Berlin is the alternative chilled-out city for hipsters, Hamburg is student central and Munich is the business capital of the country. This is also where one of the world’s biggest and best festivals takes place every year. That’s right, we’re talking about Octoberfest! Or otherwise known as beer-fest. Oh, did we mention that Germans love a good party?

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The Perfect 2 Days in Berlin Itinerary

Welcome to Berlin! This vibrant and diverse city is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Germany and this 2 days in Berlin Itinerary will help you plan your stay here.

With a rich history, modern culture, and endless things to see and do, two days in Berlin is a perfect amount of time to get a taste of what the city has to offer. 


eSIM Germany – The Best Sim Card for Germany (2024)

eSIM Germany is a wise choice for staying connected in the country. The best SIM card in Germany is the one that connects you from the moment you arrive. Buying a SIM card in Germany is effortless with the introduction of eSIM.

Furthermore, if you’re searching for the best sim card for Europe travel and beyond, eSIM is your best option.

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Top 15 Things To Do in Munich Germany

The capital city of Bavaria Munich is a must-see when in Europe and it’s not just about the famous Oktoberfest!

There are many amazing things to do in Munich Germany from baroque churches to thriving markets and art galleries or museums.

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Best Bike Tour in Berlin (2024)

“Berlin is poor but sexy.”

Well, Berlin is definitely not poor when it comes to food.

And the best way to check out some great places to eat later on is on this popular Highlights of Berlin Bike Tour

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The Ultimate Food Map of Europe

Our food map of Europe is reflective of the dishes we’ve tried while exploring the old continent and its glorious food.

Food is one of the main reasons to travel to Europe. Delicious and unknown delicacies can be found in every country.

Food Adventures

8 Foods Worth Travelling to Europe For

Europe is a food-lovers paradise! We’ve eaten our way throughout this incredible food continent and these are definitely 8 foods worth travelling to Europe for.

How many do you know and how many have you tried?