About The Philippines

Smouldering volcanoes, turquoise blue waters, gorgeous islands, emerald green rice fields, megacities and quirky, happy people; this is the Philippines. Whether you’d like to just laze in the sun and explore islands and work on your tan or just chill out with a cold beer and street food – Philippines has something for everyone. Often overlooked as an affordable, sun-fueled destination from other busier Asian countries like Thailand or Malaysia, a visit here will not disappoint. Adventurous travellers can just pitch a tent on a deserted stretch of coastline on many islands. Now, doesn’t that sound idyllic.

Flag of The Philippines

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Food Map of Asia

By |January 23rd, 2020|3 Comments

This food map of Asia is reflective of the dishes we’ve eaten on our journey to visit every country in the world. This continent is a definite favourite for us - mainly because the food [...]