Welcome to Somalia!

Dangerous. No-Go Zone. Pirates.

More than two decades ago Somalia was a magnet for travellers, with pristine beaches and mountain trekking the major drawcards. But right now, it’s too dangerous for foreigners to visit. The country is still trying to recover from 27 years of brutal civil war. There is a success story amid all the chaos: the self-proclaimed nation of Somaliland, north of the country, has managed to retain something close to stability and peace. Well seasoned travellers are welcomed to Somaliland, and they take the safety of Westerners very seriously there.

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How to get Somaliland Visa in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Our travels to the Horn of Africa included a visit to Djibouti and Somalia. A Somaliland Visa was required to continue our journey there.

Based on the current situation in Somalia, the most obvious region to visit was Somaliland, a breakaway region that has claimed its independence for many years now.