Welcome to Moldova!

Fantastic Wine. Green Countryside. Humble Food.

Moldova is one of Europe’s least-visited countries, situated between Ukraine and Romania. It doesn’t receive near as many visitors as these other nations, however, we feel all that is about to change. The capital city, Chisinau is uber cool. Chic cafes, traditional restaurants, super affordable wine tours, and beautifully green parks make this place a welcoming short break. What’s even better is that booking low-cost flights from London and other European cities is easy. What are you waiting for? Pack a weekend bag and fly in for the weekend with some friends, or book a week away and immerse yourself in the culture of Moldova.

There are many things that make this a great destination in Europe. Moldova has gorgeous unspoiled countryside and some fantastic wine tours available. Don’t miss these, trust us – the wine is delicious. Also, Moldova is affordable, so you can bet that your hard-earned money will stretch further here.

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