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Hi, we’re Rach & Marty! The Very Hungry Nomads

We’re on a big food adventure to visit every country in the world!

Follow our journey as we travel to be the first Australian and Slovakian women to visit every country, which means all 195 of them! This is where we’ve been so far. We hope to empower and inspire women, to prove that anything is possible! We’ve quit our jobs, sold our stuff and we’re on a food adventure to see the world with a carry-on backpack

Very Hungry Nomads is our travel blog where we share our crazy adventure to visit every country! We also write blogs to help you with the planning and how-to travel part. From travel hacks, and packing lists, advice on why you need an eSIM to stay connected and the best travel resources to save you money, we’ve got you covered.  

Happy travels from the Very Hungry Nomads.

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190 Countries Visited

Currently in Europe

5 Countries Remain

Visit Every Country Press Very Hungry Nomads

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