Hi, we’re Rach & Marty! The Very Hungry Nomads

We’ve Recently Completed Our Goal to Visit EVERY Country In The World!

Rach is the first Australian woman & Marty is the first Slovakian woman to visit every country! Yes, that means all 195 of them! The aim of our journey was to inspire women and diversify the short list of people who have achieved this goal (less than 300 people in the entire world, and of that number, around 10% are females). We wanted to prove that anything is possible, and to show that the world is much safer than most of us believe. We quit our jobs, sold our stuff and travelled the world with a Carry-On Backpack

Very Hungry Nomads is our travel blog where we share our knowledge, tips, and advice to visit every country! We post blogs to help you with the planning and how-to travel part. From Travel Hacks, and Packing Lists, to advice on Why you need an eSIM to stay connected and The Best Travel Resources to save you money, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss reading our 15 Best Ever Travel Tips.

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195/195 Countries Visited

Currently in Samoa

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