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Diving. Rugged. Untouched.

Timor-Leste, or East Timor has some incredible coral reefs just teeming with marine life. This country is still very under-developed due to the country’s struggle for independence from Portugal in 1975 and then Indonesia in 2002. East Timor still receives very little tourism due to lack of infrastructure and the expensive costs to a visitor. Accommodation and transport to get around here don’t come cheap…yet. For those travellers who do take a chance on visiting Timor, you’ll find the people friendly, the food tasty and the road rugged, yet worth it.

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How to Get an East Timor Visa on Arrival

Planning a trip to East Timor? You’ll be pleased to know that obtaining a visa to explore this fascinating country is very straightforward.

East Timor offers the convenience of a visa on arrival for travellers and visitors, making the entry process hassle-free and efficient.