Welcome to Bolivia!

Lake Titicaca. Bowler Hats. Uyuni Salt Flats.

Bolivia is an incredibly diverse country with varied terrain spanning from the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin rainforest and the Atacama Desert. The cool capital city of La Paz, at more than 3,500 metres above sea level towers over a stunning valley and it’s surrounded by massive mountains. It sits on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau with snow-capped Mt Illimani in the background, the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real of western Bolivia.

You won’t forget your first sight of La Paz, it’s truly unforgettable. There are several must-see highlights in Bolivia which include a visit to Lake Titicaca, the continent’s largest lake, The Uyuni Salt Flats where you can capture some awesome photos, plus the interesting cities of Potosi and Sucre.

Bolivia is an adventure destination, and you need to expect the unexpected. Throw your strict timetable away once you enter Bolivia. This is a country where buses leave late, journey times take much longer than expected, and things often don’t go to plan. But, one thing is certain. Bolivians are a welcoming nation and they’re keen to show you the best of their country. Don’t miss a night out watching the cholita wrestling in La Paz and the many markets to explore.

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