Welcome to Tunisia!

Beaches. History. Bazaars.

Located in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast, Tunisia is bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. This is a country rich in history, diverse natural beauty, and blessed with a sand-fringed Mediterranean coast. Tunisia is popular with Europeans as a destination for sand and sun packaged holidays, a place to enjoy fresh seafood, aromatic spiced tea, and cool sea breezes too.

If you’re keen to explore beyond the beaches, you’ll encounter distinct cultures and some epic landscapes in this underrated destination. The cuisine in Tunisia is something to look forward to. A wonderful blend of fresh seafood, vegetables, and spices – Tunisians like their food spicy! They’re a welcoming nation with a fantastic train network to get you between cities, coastal towns, and places of interest. Don’t forget your camera!

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pan au chocolate and coffee in Tunisia
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How to Get to El Jem in Tunisia

Are you planning a visit to El Jem in Tunisia? This ancient Roman amphitheatre is magnificent!

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