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Relaxed. Gorgeous beaches. Lush islands.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga. Low-key and laid back – this is a destination for those who love to escape the tourist trail. Tonga is authentic, raw and real. Life here is slow and steady: church and family are top priority, chickens and pigs are kings of the road, and hours spent lying in a hammock during the hottest part of the day is mandatory. From all of the Pacific island nations, Tonga is one of the more affordable ones – and you can even swim with huge whale sharks – so what are you waiting for?

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11 Best Budget Accommodation in Tonga

Of all of the island nations in the Pacific, Tonga is one of the more affordable ones to visit.

The good news is that budget accommodation in Tonga is out there, however, some properties provide better value than others.

Travel Guides

How To Travel To Tonga On A Budget

If you compare Tonga to some of the other countries in the South Pacific, it’s one of the more affordable islands to visit. You will find that transport, accommodation options, experiences, and food are cost-effective for budget travellers.

If you’re wondering how to travel to Tonga on a budget, we’ve got you covered.