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Vast Landscapes. Gers. Nomads.

An adventure destination where travellers can experience nomadic culture, rugged and incredibly vast landscapes and warm hospitality. Mongolia is bordered by powerhouse countries, China and Russia. Ulaanbaatar, the capital city is where you can explore the National Museum of Mongolia which displays historic and ethnographic artifacts. Make sure to spend a few days in the gorgeously green countryside, possibly even spend a few nights in a traditional nomadic ger (a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads). A train journey is a great way to see Mongolia and experience the fascinating culture.

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10 Popular Foods From Mongolia – A Mongolian Food Guide

At its core, it’s fair to say that foods from Mongolia are uncomplicated. Mongolian cuisine uses an array of meats, including mutton, beef, camel, sheep, marmot (a large ground squirrel), and even horse.

Vegetables, noodles, rice, or pasta usually accompany these proteins.

Although the towns, cities, and the capital city of Ulaanbaatar have become more developed, the allure of traditional Mongolian food and dishes remains strong.