Welcome to the United Kingdom!

Royals. Castles. Countryside.

Made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern Europe.

England – home to the Royal Family and birthplace of the Beatles – This is also where you’ll find the multicultural capital, London. The United Kingdom has so much to offer visitors, from busy cities, charming villages, and beautiful countryside.

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What is the Best Sim Card for the UK? The Essential Guide

If you search online for the best sim card for the UK, expect to find a massive list of options. Some UK sim card providers claim they have the best UK sim card plans, yet most travellers simply want a cheap sim card in the UK.

But, take it from someone that has visited every country in the world, an eSIM for UK travel is the best choice.

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7 Reasons you Should Visit the Orkney Islands In Scotland

The Orkney Islands are located in northern Scotland, just north of mainland Britain and while you might have heard of the Sottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye, there are many reasons why you should visit the Orkney Islands in Scotland.

It’s not just for the breathtaking landscapes!

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Top 10 Things To Do In Scotland Edinburgh

Edinburgh has so much to offer that you could spend weeks exploring its many attractions.

Whether you’re looking for culture, history, food, or a good place to relax, this guide will help you plan your trip with things to do in Edinburgh.

Food Adventures

The Ultimate Food Map of Europe

Our food map of Europe is reflective of the dishes we’ve tried while exploring the old continent and its glorious food.

Food is one of the main reasons to travel to Europe. Delicious and unknown delicacies can be found in every country.

Food Adventures

London Food Tour

It’s true! London DOES have some deliciously fresh food, bustling Farmers’ markets, and hidden foodie hangouts. I just didn’t know where to find them, until today.

I joined a London food tour and tasted some of the best British food I’ve ever eaten.