About Cuba

Cuba is an outdoor living museum. The country has been trapped in a time warp since the 1950’s when an economic embargo was put in place. Time has stood still ever since. If you can look past the crumbling buildings and get in tune with the slow pace of life here, you’ll find the beauty of this country, and the warm nature of its people around every corner. The colourful capital city of Havana definitely deserves at least a few days of your time. Photographers will absolutely LOVE this destination. Iconic old American cars cruising the streets, bars slinging out shots of the best rum you’ve ever tasted and the city has an energy that is hard to describe.

Once you leave the city, you’re in for a treat! Go dancing in the salsa bars of Trinidad, stop by the tobacco fields of Vinales to buy the world’s best cigars and enjoy some of the best home cooking ever! Seriously, Cuban food is good! 

Flag of Cuba

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