Welcome to Laos!

Rice Fields. Landlocked. Trekking.

A pint-sized nation sat in the heart of South-East Asia. This exciting country has everything you’d expect in this part of the world. Great food, warm weather, rice paddy fields, vibrant cities, and sleepy villages. Life in the country moves at a slower pace than the next-door countries Thailand and Vietnam.

The landscapes of Laos often look like they’ve come right off the set of a movie. The charming city of Luang Prabang is the place to witness hundreds of monks walking silently through the streets every morning in a call to alms, one of the region’s iconic images. Don’t miss this very special travel experience. The capital city Vientiane offers a nice mixture of French–Indochinese shophouses and some modern restaurants and cafes, a great place to linger for a few days before heading north into the country.

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