Welcome to Mozambique!

Great Food. Surf Beaches. Relaxed.

Mozambique is a rewarding destination for those who take the chance to venture here. It’s true, you’ll need to bring patience for the slower pace and long shared taxi journeys to get around, but in the end it’s worth it. You’ll get to enjoy awesome surf beaches, a wonderful underwater world for keen divers and some delicious cuisine. Being a former Portuguese colony, this country has some great coffee and exceptionally tasty food. Whether you’re eating from local markets, small family run eateries or corner bakeries, you’ll want to return just for this alone.

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Best Place to Stay in Tofo Mozambique

When we announced that we’d be travelling to Mozambique, everybody told us that we must visit Tofo beach.

We’d read that this was one of the most popular areas along the coast and we were definitely ready for a beach break.