Welcome to Tanzania!

Idyllic Beaches. Kilimanjaro. Wildlife.

Tanzania has it all! Gorgeous beaches, welcoming people, fascinating cultures, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro, the famous Mt Kilimanjaro and if that wasn’t enough, it’s home to the pristine Zanzibar Archipelago too.
For the adventure seekers, why not climb Mt Kilimanjaro? Don’t forget that Tanzania’s coastline is amazing. Relax on idyllic islands and surround yourself with palm trees and sip on fresh coconuts. Bliss!

It’s hard, to sum up, Tanzania in just a few sentences. But if you are planning a safari, then Tanzania is THE place to come. It is home to almost half the world’s remaining wild lions and all the Big 5! There are two million wildebeest and zebra that migrate annually through the Serengeti ecosystem as part of mass migration. It is considered one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles.

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