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Beaches. Seafood. Walled Cities.

If your idea of exploring the Mediterranean includes turquoise blue waters, fresh seafood, gelato in the evenings and old walled cities with surprises around every corner, then Croatia is for you. Croatia has a gorgeous island-speckled coastline with the clearest water you’ll ever see. There are countless white pebbly beaches to discover, sleepy towns and villages and the popular cities of Dubrovnik, Zadar and Split; you’re in for a real treat. If you’re looking for a more exciting time spent here, try snorkelling, kayaking, diving, windsurfing and sailing. The list of stuff to do in Croatia is endless.

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popular places to go in Croatia - Split
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15 Popular Places To Go In Croatia

Croatia is not the best-kept secret in Europe.

It has been a favoured travel destination for almost a century now, but earlier on, it was mostly visited by Europeans from Germany and Central Europe.

Even my grandparents used to drive down here for a summer vacation in the 50s.

grilled baby squid Croatian cuisine
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20 Most Popular Foods from Croatia

Picture sun-kissed coastlines adorned with olive groves and vineyards, where freshly caught grilled seafood lingers in the air alongside the irresistible scent of roasted lamb. 

The mouthwatering foods in Croatia are why I love to return to this delicious country.


eSIM Croatia – The Best Croatia SIM Card (2024)

eSIM Croatia is an excellent option for staying connected in the country. The best SIM card for Croatia is Airalo. There are multiple data plans to choose from, so whether you’re visiting for a few days, a week, or longer (lucky you), a Croatia eSIM suits your needs.

Buying a Croatian SIM card is easy with the introduction of eSIM. 

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The Ultimate Food Map of Europe

Our food map of Europe is reflective of the dishes we’ve tried while exploring the old continent and its glorious food.

Food is one of the main reasons to travel to Europe. Delicious and unknown delicacies can be found in every country.