Welcome to China!

Great Food. Impressive Sights. Culture.

China is diverse. A large nation steeped in culture, blessed with spectacular scenery, impressive sights and let’s not forget about the food! A visit to China can sometimes be a little difficult due to the language barrier, but hang in there and you’ll surely be rewarded with many great memories.

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eSIM China – Best SIM Card For China

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Food Adventures

Exploring 10 Most Popular Foods from China

Chinese cuisine is an extraordinary collection of flavours, textures, and history. From mouth-watering street food to decadent delicacies in luxury restaurants, there is no shortage of diverse and delicious dishes to discover. 

From hot pot and dumplings to noodles and steamed buns, find out the 10 most popular foods from China that you must try!

Travel Guides

Where to Eat in Pingyao, China – 6 Best Places

Located only 2.5 hours on the comfortable, fast train from Beijing, you’ll find China’s most well-preserved walled city.

Many travellers haven’t heard of the city of Pingyao, so they don’t include it in their list of highlights of places to visit in China.

Food Adventures

10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

Chinese people LOVE to eat. If eating were an Olympic sport, no other country would come close.

I’ve never seen a nation show so much dedication to consuming anything that walks, crawls, flies, swims, slithers or grows in my whole life until I travelled to China.

Bizarre foods? Yes, please.