Port Moresby sign

Quick Facts About PNG

  • Most visitors require a visa for PNG. It’s a simple e-visa but you must apply before you enter the country.
  • PNG is known as the land of the unexpected. 
  • Personal safety can be a concern in Port Moresby, so we recommend using a driver to get around.
  • PNG has more than 600 islands and it is home to 10 million people yet the definition of the people can be tricky due to many different groups.
  • There are more than 800 languages spoken, the most common one is pidgin English.
  • The currency of Papua New Guinea is Kina. 1 USD equals about 3.54 Kina (at the time of writing in Dec 2022)

Now let’s talk about the best things to do in Port Moresby

National Museum & Art Gallery

It houses PNGs’ archeological and anthropological collection and it is a great introduction to PNGs’ rich culture and diversity. And honestly, it is excellent.

We loved the museum, some of our favourite ones were the trading canoes from Milne bay, cool Malangan masks from New Ireland and even spirit houses. 

You can easily allow two hours here and the more you explore the museum, the more want to see the other parts of the country.

The fantastic festivals that PNG is known for are at the top of our bucket list, but the National Museum is one of the best things to do in Port Moresby.

Note: Free admission on weekdays; K10 on weekends for nonresidents.

We were also lucky at the time we visited the Museum, as there was a Sunday market on just outside. We’re told that this only happens once per month and it’s a great opportunity to buy some local handicrafts, art and taste some food too.

We purchased a wooden mask here that had been carved by locals from Sepik River, over 750km away.

Things to do in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Ship Museum

Port Moresby Nature Park

A short drive from the centre, the Nature Park allows you to learn more about the diversity and biodiversity of Papua New Guinea without getting on the plane to other parts.

We spent most of our morning here as there was so much to see. There are multiple species of birds of paradise, tree kangaroos, parrots, reptiles, cassowaries and so much more. Oh, and there are many fruitbats in the trees. The rainforest creates a gorgeous setting and it’s very enjoyable to walk around.

There is a cafe and souvenir shop on the end, but you can choose to refuel anytime. The entire park reminded us of smaller wildlife parks in Australia. 

Entrance Fee: 20 PGK (US $5.70)

Things to do in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Nature Park canoe

Ela Beach

It’s not really suited for swimming although you might see some local kids splashing around on a hot day, the nice promenade along it makes it a nice place to catch the cool late afternoon breeze.

You will also find the huge Port Moresby sign here – a perfect backdrop for that photo.

There is an excellent place to stay for a few days at the Grand Papua Hotel.

Things to do in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Beach

Koki Fish Market

We love exploring local markets, it’s the best way to see the local produce and often we get to interact with locals. The Koki Market near Ela Beach is one of the best things to do in Port Moresby to see fresh fish sold on wooden benches as local vendors chew betel nuts. 

A whole medium sized yellowfin tuna sells here for around 20-30 Kina ($6-8)

You might need a local to accompany you here and always ask for permission when taking photos. You’ll also see the nearby picturesque stilt village of Koki where many of the local fishermen live.

Things to do in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Fish Market

Vision City Mega Mall

For the real vibes of the city, we recommend popping into Vision City Mega Mall. It’s one of the best things to do in Port Moresby on the weekend. 

National Parliament House

The parliament house is also called Haus and it has been built in the style of the house of spirits (tambaran). The building blends in some traditional elements with modern and you can also come in for a tour of the building.

But if you can’t, you can at least snap a photo from the outside,

Things to do in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Parliament House

Varirata National Park

If you wish to do some hiking while visiting Port Moresby, head out to the Varirata National Park. You can choose a trial ranging from 1 to 3 hours and if you are lucky spot the kingfishers and Raggiana birds of paradise in the wild. 

We recommend this Birding & Cultural Tour of Port Moresby and Mt Hagen.

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Bomana War Cemetry

Bomana War Cemetery is the resting place of 4000 unknown PNG and Australian WWII soldiers. 

Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Track marks the course of one of the most important battles for Australians in the Second World War. Between 21 July and 16 November 1942, the Australian Army stopped the furthermost southward advance by Japanese forces in Papua New Guinea and then pushed the enemy back across the mountains.

Many Australians come to Papua New Guinea to hike this track. You can reach the start of the track by driving to Ower’s Corner.

Where to stay in Port Moresby

The range of accommodation options in Port Moresby isn’t too long.

It’s also worth noting that accommodation in this city is costly. Some recommended suggestions for budget, mid-range, and luxury options can be viewed here on Booking.com.

Some popular options to stay in Port Moresby are:

Luxury Hotel: Crowne Plaza Residences

Mid Range Hotel: Holiday Inn & Suites

Budget Option: Hohola Apartments

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