how do I choose my next trip

How do I choose my next trip or destination?

For some people, holidays are based on a few familiar factors. Many simply want a warm destination, sun shining with a room in a nice resort, a pool to relax beside and do nothing.

Others crave a country that is known for parties and great nightlife so they can dance all night and sleep all day. Deciding on which destination to travel the world isn’t easy.

Maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie and crave long treks or adventure sports. You might simply want a break in a cooler climate, a small quiet log cabin with a fire, a comfortable couch to cuddle up in and just read books and drink tea.

There are so many factors for why we travel the world, and I love that our reasons are different to match our individual likes, personalities and lifestyles.

How do i choose my next trip food markets
The opportunity to eat in food markets is a big factor for how do I choose my next trip. Eating at the markets in Hoi An, Vietnam is a must!

The cuisine on offer is important to me

For me, I’m pretty sure my love for food has always been the deciding factor when choosing where to go. I am definitely a person that lives to eat, not eats to live.

If a country is known for amazing food, I’m there! If a country is known for delicious, affordable and always accessible street food, then I am definitely there and probably secretly planning never to leave!

You see I love everything about food. I love eating it the most but I actually enjoy shopping, cooking, preparing and serving it to people I care about too.

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The story behind the food

I love the stories about food too. It’s unmistakably my favourite topic matched very closely with discovering new countries and cultures.

I get excited at the thought of wandering through chaotic food markets, the air filled with aromas of fresh herbs mixed with mountains of sweet spices.

I often plan my day in foreign countries visiting the best food markets, farmers markets and even supermarkets because some of them are actually incredible.

I always try as many foods as I can when I travel and I enjoy researching where to find the best eats. At times it is hard to fit in all the foods I want to taste if I am short on time especially when navigating my way through a foreign city too.

Food tours and experiences are awesome

This was before I started discovering all kinds of different food experiences available where a local shows me their city through the cuisine if offers.

There is nothing better or no advice more valuable than tips and hints from the people that know their city inside out. Local knowledge and recommendation are huge factors in my decision for how I choose my next trip.

Whether it’s from tasting many different snacks or sampling classic favourites on a city food tour or getting a real hands-on experience by participating in a small-group cooking class, I love discovering cities and countries this way!

What are you waiting for? Go out there and travel the world! Our best travel tips from 20+ years of travel might help you to start planning for the trip(s) of a lifetime!

how do i choose my next trip cooking class
How do I choose my next trip? Food is important to me and I love to join a cooking class in different countries.

I really do believe that cooking and eating in a foreign country is the surest and truest way to its soul.

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Another fantastic website to do amazing things around the world is Get Your Guide.

So, now you know my story about how I choose my next trip or travel destination. Tell me, how do you choose yours? What’s important to you in choosing your next vacation or destination to explore?

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