Europe is a food-lovers paradise! We’ve eaten our way throughout this incredible food continent and these are definitely 8 foods worth travelling to Europe for. How many do you know and how many have you tried?

foods worth travelling to europe for cheese

8 Foods Worth Travelling to Europe For – Let’s Begin!

1. Pizza in Italy

Pizza is the essence of Italy and can be found in all shapes and flavours around the country. They say that the first pizza was made during Roman times, more than 2000 years ago! The city of Rome has delivered its own pizza, “Pizza al taglio” which literally means pizza by the slice. It comes in rectangular form and it’s sold by weight. 

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The bigger the piece or better the toppings, the higher the price. The favourite toppings are always fresh; tomatoes, prosciutto, basil and mushrooms. There is no way we could compose this list of foods worth travelling to Europe for without real Italian pizza. If you stop by Florence on this perfect 2-day itinerary, then you must visit one or all of these best 5 pizza places in Florence.

foods worth travelling to Europe for pizza in italy

Pizza in Italy is absolutely foods worth travelling to Europe for

2. Borek in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Borek is made from filo pastry, filled with spicy minced ground beef and onion, it can be found almost at every corner in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Borek originates in Turkey, but the people of the Balkans have perfected it. It is that hearty street food that you get addicted to instantly.

It can be eaten for breakfast or after a late night out. If meat is not your thing, try the cheese and spinach borek. We think the best borek is at Buregdzinica Bosna in Sarajevo or eaten as part of a fantastic cooking class in Belgrade, Serbia.

foods worth travelling to europe for Borek in Bosnia

We love to eat borek. These are definitely foods worth travelling to Europe for

3. Langos in Hungary

If you haven’t tried langos, you are seriously missing out on some wholesome food goodness! Langos is a deep-fried flatbread made from flour, salt, yeast and water. It’s then topped with sour cream, grated cheese and garlic. Soft, oily and delicious! It can be found at markets, train stations or at the beach.

The name comes from ‘láng’, the Hungarian word for flame as traditionally lángos was baked in the front of a brick oven, close to the flames. It’s believed that langos used to be eaten as a hearty breakfast by the Hungarians to keep warm during the cold winters. These are definitely foods worth travelling to Europe for.

foods worth travelling to europe for - langos in hungary

Langos – Foods worth travelling to Europe for.

4. Balik Ekmek in Turkey

If you are heading to Istanbul, go straight to the Galata Bridge and find street vendors at the boats selling Balik Ekmek, which literally translates to a fish sandwich.  A fried piece of fish is placed on fresh Turkish bread with onion, tomato, lettuce and roasted peppers, seasoned with a squeeze of lemon.

The fish is grilled right on the boats and the locals say that Balik Ekmek has fed the people of Istanbul for centuries. The story has it that the fishermen decided to pull up their boats at the bridge and sell fish directly to all hungry bypassers while grilling it on their boats. The best food experience in Istanbul!

8 Foods Worth Travelling to Europe For fish sandwich turkey

Fish sandwich Galata Bridge Istanbul – Photo Credit

5. Paella in Spain

Paella is regarded as the national dish of Spain, however, the original paella comes from the city of Valencia. There are many types of paella and you can literally travel the country for the best. Paella consists of rice, meat (chicken, pork or rabbit) or seafood, beans, peas, peppers and the key ingredient saffron, which gives paella that yellow colour. It is simply delicious.

Check out this Paella Cooking Class with Tapas and Market Visit in Valencia.

The name paella comes from the name of the pan that this dish is cooked in. Locals seem to believe that it used to be a dish of the Spanish men, cooking a simple meal in a large pan for the whole family on Sunday afternoon.

There are certain foods worth travelling to Europe for, and when you travel to Spain, don’t miss this one!

Tasty Paella in Spain

6. Pierogi in Poland

Pierogi are a well-known icon of Polish cuisine, little soft doughy dumplings, cooked to perfection. They can be steamed or fried, savoury or sweet and can be found in Poland but are also a very popular pub food in Canada. The favourite fillings include potato and cheese, meat or cabbage. This is a favourite of ours for foods to travel to Europe for, put it on top of your list.

The best pierogi are handmade ones made with love by grandmothers, but look into so-called milk bars filled with locals and you will find some true gems.

Popular Pierogi in Poland

7. Herring in The Netherlands

We couldn’t make a list of foods worth travelling to Europe for without including herrings in the Netherlands. Yes, we know the Netherlands is not known for its food, but the Hollandse Nieuwe Haring is surprisingly delicious. The herring is raw (yes hello Dutch sashimi) preserved in salt and brine, served with onions and sometimes with bread and gherkins. The locals have their own way to eat it – by lifting the tail in the air and lowering the herring into their mouth.

Find the herring stands around the charming streets of Amsterdam; simply look out for the Dutch flag.  And remember the Hollandse Nieuwe Haring is only sold between May and July.

Our 3 day itinerary for Amsterdam is perfect to help you plan your time in this awesome city.

Surprisingly yummy Hollandse Nieuwe Hering

8. Currywurst in Germany

Yes, it is all about the sausage in Germany. Boiled or fried sausage is cut into bite-sized pieces and covered with a thick tomato-based sauce that is enhanced with paprika, Indian curry spice or chilli powder. There are multiple versions of the currywurst and the best can be found at street food vendors in Berlin.

Currywurst goes hand in hand with local beers. The Berliners believe a local woman created the first currywurst right after the end of WW2. She found the curry powder left by the British soldiers and mixed it with cut up sausage to create a different flavour for everyday food. And just like that, currywurst was born!

8 foods worth travelling to europe for currywurst germany

Currywurst in Germany

Europe is an amazing place to enjoy many incredible culinary experiences. Whether you want to join a food tour or learn how to cook a new cuisine, this is the best continent to explore for food.

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Did you enjoy our post on 8 foods worth travelling to Europe for? What would you add to this list?


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