7 Reasons to travel to Singapore

The amazing mixture of multiple cultures creates a very unique experience. And their handling of the pandemic was exceptional.

There are so many reasons to travel to Singapore; where do I even start? Sure, Singapore is not the cheapest destination, but there are many things you can do for free, and things you pay for are worth it.

7 Amazing Reasons to Travel to Singapore

1. Incredible Food

Singapore is one of the greatest foodie destinations, and the food is my number one reason to travel to Singapore. One of the key foodie experiences in Singapore is a visit to one of its famous hawker centres.

Singapore street food was sold initially by these travelling hawkers with portable stoves, who used to set up their kitchen/shop on the corner to cater for the workers for lunch or dinner.

Today, you’ll find them more concentrated in hawker centres, which are now permanent.

Hawker centres are the best places to get a plate of traditional dishes such as chicken rice, laksa, or rojak. The range of dishes from these places effortlessly blends Chinese, Malay, and Indian culinary traditions. 

But you don’t have to visit a hawker centre to get great food. Small boutique restaurants line different districts where you can eat anything from that to modern Italian. Looking for something fancy? Well, Singapore delivers some amazing fine dining options.

And to make your choices even harder, Singapore is home to 66 Michelin-star restaurants. But the best part?

You can get a World First Hawker Michelin-starred Meal for under $7? 

But we recommend eating like a local for the best food experience in Singapore.

This small-group food tour with Hawker Centre included is perfect to learn about the food and the culture and taste some dishes along the way with your guide.

The best way to do it, for sure! 

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore food
Why not travel to Singapore for food? It’s amazing!

2. Cultural diversity

Singapore’s diversity is visible as soon as you arrive. This island nation has four official languages; English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. It also celebrates the national holidays of many different religions and there always seems to be a festival of some kind.  

There is Chinatown and Little India to be explored and you can easily see Hindu temples (Sri Mariamman Temple), Islamic mosques(Al-Abrar Mosque), a Christian church, or a Buddhist temple (Buddha Tooth Relic Temple) in a day.

This is the reason why when you travel to Singapore it feels like you are exploring multiple countries. 

Explore Chinatown on this popular guided City Tour or discover it on an Evening Tour by trishaw, boat and foot, including dinner.

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore - Little India
7 Reasons to travel to Singapore – Little India

3. Best Infinity Pool in the world

If you have ever seen a photo of an amazing infinity pool, chances are it was the infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. In fact, for some visitors, this is the main reason to travel to Singapore.

Spending a few days in the hotel’s luxury and enjoying the pool and its incredible city view? Yes, please. 

This is the world’s longest elevated swimming pool, built 200 metres above the ground. Just be aware that the only way you can access this pool is if you stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – book your room here.

Don’t miss our list of the 10 Best places in Singapore to visit

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore infinity pool
Some tourists travel to Singapore for the famous infinity pool at Bay Sands Marina Hotel. That view!

4. You will arrive at the world’s best airport

If you want to be a world-class destination, you have to have an airport to match it. Singapore understood this very well, and for the past decades, Singapore’s Changi Airport has been voted the best airport in the world continuously.

It only just lost the title to Doha in Qatar. 

The airport has everything, from a waterfall inside to butterfly gardens, Imax theatre, and plenty of seats and lounges to rest before your flight. It’s one of the preferred stopover cities for many travellers connecting between Europe and Asia – if you are flying further, consider Singapore for a stopover.

You can often book very affordable flights via Singapore on Skyscanner, and if you are short on time you can even stay at the airport hotel inside Changi Airport.

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore airport
If you travel to Singapore you’ll arrive at the world’s best airport – Changi airport.

5. It’s very green!

Singapore is very green! Don’t be confused by the photos of the Singapore skyline with all the buildings; there are many parks and gardens here. The most famous is the Gardens by the Bay.

It consists of three waterfront garden areas; some describe it as a botanical theme park.

You can purchase tickets online, or opt out for a more inclusive tour of the gardens at night with the Singapore Night Out: Music & Light show.

Don’t miss Singapore Botanic Gardens, which contains over 10,000 distinct species, and the amazing rainforest garden. There are other parks and gardens that you can visit.

It’s always nice to break up all that eating, sightseeing, and shopping with some time in a park to relax and recharge.

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore gardens
Gardens by the Bay from above -Singapore is very green!

6. It’s so clean! And safe!

It’s hard to think of a destination (especially a large city) that is as clean, organized, and safe as Singapore. It’s one of the main reasons why Singaporeans love their home, and visitors keep returning. Public transport is a fantastic way to see the city.

It’s convenient, fast and simply spotless. Everything seems efficient and well organised. 

Is Singapore safe to visit? Absolutely! It is one of the safest cities in the world; it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

According to a Forbes article, it is also one of the safest places for women walking alone at night. 

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore transport
Singapore is safe, clean and the public transport is amazing. A few more reasons to travel to Singapore next.

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7. The shopping is also world-class!

Singapore is a paradise for any shop-lovers. You will find anything and everything here.

From luxury brands at international flagship stores along Orchard Road to crafty souvenirs that can only be found in the different ethnic enclaves of the city.

The Orchard Road is a good start when you travel to Singapore, especially for first-time visitors wanting to do some shopping.

7 Reasons to travel to Singapore Shopping

How to Travel to Singapore?

Many airlines are flying to and from Singapore, but we recommend Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Thai Airways, Emirates, and Etihad. For low-cost airlines that travel to Singapore, check Air Asia and Scoot Airlines.

If you’re unsure whether you should fly with Scoot, read our honest review about our experience with them.

We use Skyscanner to search for the best flights at the most affordable price.

And that’s it. Seven reasons to travel to Singapore. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments. Have you been to Singapore recently? What was your experience like? And please let us know if you would travel to Singapore again.

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