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Shaped by European immigration, the city’s culinary scene encompasses traditional parrillas, Italian trattorias, and Spanish tapas bars.

Cafés, with their elegant ambience, are central to social life, offering rich coffee and sweet medialunas (delicious croissants).

Buenos Aires embraces tradition and innovation with excellent restaurants and a dynamic fusion of flavours.

If you’re hungry to taste the best of this city, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are 16 Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

1) Parrilla Peña 

This steak house is close to Recoleta, one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in BA. You can expect a relaxed atmosphere with chatty locals and premium-grade steak. 

We recommend ordering the bife de chorizo.

Address: Parrilla PeñaRodríguez Peña 682, C1020 CABA

2) La Rambla

la rambla restaurant buenos aires sandwich de lomito

If you’re craving an genuine Argentine experience in Recoleta neighbourhood, head to La Rambla and know that the must-try item is the Sandwich de Lomito (steak sandwich).

Widely acclaimed as one of the town’s best, it’s the most popular dish if you look at what the locals eat. 

la rambla restaurant buenos aires steak sandwich

We had to follow the crowd on this one, and we must admit, the steak inside this sandwich was excellent.

At around USD 12 for this colossal sandwich, it gets a firm thumbs up from us!

Address: La RamblaPosadas 1602, C1112ADD CABA

3) Parillia El Secretito 

If you translate the name of this restaurant, it means ‘little secret’. This is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires; the beef is fantastic! I can understand why locals may want to keep it a secret. 

TIP: Don’t trust the closed signs or the sketchy facade, just press the doorbell and wait to be accommodated to the best ‘secret’ parrilla in Buenos Aires. Reservations are highly recommended if you’re only in BA for a couple of nights.

Address: Parrilla SecreTiTo – Av. Dorrego 2720, C1425 CABA

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4) Cabaña Las Lilas

Cabaña Las Lilas is an elegant, high-quality steakhouse in Puerto Madero.

You can bet on an enjoyable experience when dining here, and after you’ve eaten, take a stroll along the river and enjoy the chilled vibes of this lovely part of the city.

Puerto madero river buenos aires
Puerto Madero – stroll along the river front after dinner

Address: Cabaña Las Lilas – Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, C1107 CABA

5) El Mirasol

El Mirasol is a well-known steakhouse featuring a variety of beef options, including ribeye, sirloin, and flank steak, prepared to perfection over an open flame.

Choose from various excellent side dishes, and select a delicious bottle of Argentinian wine to accompany your meal. 

el mirasol restaurant buenos aires
El Mirasol – One of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Service is 5-star at this fine dining, white-cloths-on-the-table restaurant, and it gets our approval.

This ojo de bife (eye fillet beef) is outstanding!

Address: El Mirasol de La RecovaPosadas 1032, C1128 CABA

6) Parrilla Don Julio 

We had to include Parrilla Don Julio on our list of best restaurants in Buenos Aires. Hands down, this is the number one steakhouse in Argentina, and some say it is the number one in the world!

If you love premium steak (and good wine), you will absolutely love your dining experience here.

Address: Don JulioGuatemala 4699, C1425 CABA

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7) Doña Tota

Doña Tota best restaurants in buenos aires

Doña Tota is a local parrilla with great food, wine, local vibes and fair prices. 

Come here to enjoy a typical Argentine dining experience surrounded by locals.

It is an ideal place for dinner before you head out to explore the many great bars in the nearby Palermo neighbourhood.

Address: Doña Tota Costa Rica 4486, C1414 CABA

8) Cantina Rondinella

This family-style restaurant is a traditional meeting spot for friends and families in the local neighborhood of Colegiales.

There’s nothing fancy about the food here, but it’s honest home-style food cooked with love and served in large portions to encourage a sharing dining style.

This spot is best enjoyed with a group of four people or more to sample more Argentine dishes.

Address: Cantina RondinellaAv. Álvarez Thomas 12, C1427 CABA

9) Julia Restaurant

With quaint vibes and fantastic food, this establishment is growing a very positive following.

The menu is ever-evolving and includes some wonderful Argentine cuisine. We recommend.

Address: Julia Restaurant Loyola 807, C1414 C1414AUQ

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Ok, this isn’t technically classed as a restaurant in Buenos Aires, but it’s up there with one of the best wine bars in Buenos Aires.

vini bar buenos aires

And, one thing that pairs perfectly with excellent small batch wine, is cheese! Yes, they have both of these things right here.

They’ve got a lovely menu of tapa-style plates to enjoy with wine. I had a great evening here, and its location in the Palermo Soho neighbourhood is a great place to begin your evening.

Address: VINI BARJorge Luis Borges 1965, C1425 CABA

11) Niño Gordo

Enjoy fabulous cuisine at this vibrant, colourful restaurant & bar serving classic Asian fusion dishes with an Argentinian twist. Believe me, it’s a great match! 

The fried chicken and the beef tataki dishes are excellent.

Address: Niño Gordo Thames 1810, C1414DDL C1414DDL


empanadas PICSA restaurant in buenos aires

If you’re craving wood-fired pizza or searching for some of the best empanadas in the country, pop into PICSA restaurant. 

It’s a nice change of pace if you’ve been consuming nothing but steak during your time in Buenos Aires. It’s worth mentioning that the beer and wine are fantastic, too.

Address: PICSANicaragua 4896, C1414 CABA

13) Fogón Asado

This restaurant is beautiful, and you’re in for an excellent dining experience. We needed to include it to make this list of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires. This modern Argentine parrilla is delicious and incorporates highly creative additions to Argentine classics. 

Take a culinary journey at Fogón Asado and reserve your table now for an unforgettable evening of incredible food, wine and Argentine hospitality. 

Address: Fogón AsadoUriarte 1423, C1414 CABA

14) Sarkis

The best thing about eating in Buenos Aires is the wide range of international flavours.

Sarkis is a renowned eatery serving Armenian favourites in an inviting, informal space. The secret ingredient in the dishes here is love, which tastes fantastic! 

Sarkis is one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires because it has remained consistent over the years; the food is always top-notch. Highly recommended.

Address: Sarkis Thames 1101, C1414DCW CABA

15) El Sanjuanino

el sanjuanino restaurant buenos aires

El Sanjuanino is a local establishment serving home-style, delicious food at a great price. The menu has classics such as grilled chicken breast, pork or steak and choose the sides of your choice, including creamy mashed potato (the real deal), fries, salad, rice or vegetables.

The servings are large, and I recommend two people share a few dishes.

I noticed locals stopping by to pick up large orders of baked empanadas from here, too, so next time, I’ll be back for that. I loved this place’s homely vibes and local diners, and I highly recommend it.

Address: El Sanjuanino Posadas 1515, C1112 CABA

16) La Cocina

Ok, this one isn’t a restaurant – but it’s a solid recommendation to come here and indulge in the best empanadas! 

This eatery is small (around 15 seats), but the empanadas are big on flavour and best enjoyed with a glass of inexpensive local beer or wine.

Address: La CocinaAv. Pueyrredón 1508, C1118 CABA

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