best portable coffee machine

We try to be practical when deciding what gear to squeeze into our 40L carry-on backpacks

Whatever we pack, we must carry, so the lighter the load, the easier it is for us to travel on to the next destination. 

Our backpacks weigh around 10 kilograms each for our life on the road, however, the travel accessory that we always pack is our portable coffee machine.

Coffee Lovers! – You Need this Portable Coffee Machine in your Life!

We love this little machine so much! Aside from the fact that we love our coffee, there is nothing better than being able to make yourself a good coffee at any time, not to mention the amount of cash it has saved us!

Whether you’re staying in hostels or hotels, (book the best deals on you’d agree that the coffee served in the morning is nothing to write home about.

To purchase an espresso or cappuccino in many countries around the world, will generally set you back around $3-$6. For travellers on a budget, this daily cost can add up very quickly.

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best portable coffee machine
So easy to pump the coffee, to end up with a perfect espresso – with crema and all!

For all the coffee lovers out there who are tired of settling for instant coffee and paying out for a good cup of coffee each day, let me introduce you to the best portable coffee machine there is – the Minipresso espresso machine!

This compact machine has saved us loads of money, not to mention it gives us that boost of caffeine we so look forward to each morning and throughout the day.

We did a bunch of research to find the best portable coffee machine for our travels and we’re so happy with our choice.

Super compact, lightweight, and sturdy, our portable coffee machine is perfect for our lives on the go!

The best feature of this machine is that it requires no electricity! This means you can pump out a quick espresso whenever you like.

On occasion, we’ll still find some cool cafes on our travels to enjoy a barista-made coffee.

These cafes are also where we source freshly ground coffee to use in our portable coffee machine. We buy bags of coffee from the supermarket that work fine too.

best coffee machine for travel
Good coffee = big smiles for Rach

Put simply, the way the portable coffee machine works is like this. It’s super quick and easy!

Fill the small capsule with fresh ground coffee. Place it inside the coffee maker and screw on the top to hold it in place. Fill the bottom cup with hot water (or cold water works too) and screw that into the machine. Turn the coffee machine upside down, and release the small valve on the side.

Pump a few times until the air pressure builds, and continue to pump the best espresso ever. It’s up to you whether you drink it short and strong or add some boiling water and milk to enjoy a larger cup of coffee.

The Minipresso portable coffee machine is great for anyone who enjoys a good coffee anytime. You may be travelling long-term, on a short weekend away, or even on a camping adventure.

You can take this machine anywhere – it’s the perfect thing to buy for yourself, a loved one, or a friend who enjoys coffee as much as we do.

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