Food Map of Europe
Our Food Map of Europe

Ultimate Food Map of Europe and the Best Food in Europe to Try

1. Ireland

The quintessential dish for beautiful Ireland goes to Irish stew, a tasty lamb or beef stew with potatoes, onions and thyme. In other words, it keeps you warm even in Irish weather.

This delicious Walking Food Tour in Dublin is highly recommended.

2. France

Foie gras is a famous delicacy made of the liver of a duck or goose and it clearly must be mentioned when compiling this Food Map for Europe.

Additionally, a crêpe or crepe is a kind of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour and flavoured with lemon and sugar or Nutella.

Makes for a perfect street snack, virtually anytime.

Food Map of Europe - France
Food Map of Europe: Crepes – Who doesn’t love them?

3. Monaco

It wasn’t easy to find a special dish in Monaco. Everyone was more concerned about casinos, flash cars and shopping. As a result, food is not the main reason anyone visits. We could’ve skipped the small countries when creating the food map of Europe.

However, there is a dish we must mention! Barbagiuan – a deep-fried pastry stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

4. Spain

Paella is the signature dish of Spain made from rice, saffron, chicken, seafood and vegetable, cooked and served in a large shallow pan. The original paella comes from the city of Valencia. Tapas are bite-sized snacks served in Spanish bars, the variety and range are as rich and wide as Spanish culture.

The food of Europe is of a huge variety. We admit it, Spanish food is at the top of our favourite food in Europe!

Ask a local to find a real gem or join this Paella Cooking Experience with Boqueria Market Visit in Barcelona.

Food Map of Europe - Spain
Food Map of Europe: The name of the pan is also Paella

5. Greece

One of the most well-known Greek dishes, moussaka can be made in many different ways to suit taste. It includes sliced eggplant baked with ground beef sauce and then smothered in a thin white sauce. Home-made moussaka is always the best.

Planning to visit Greece? Our detailed post about what to do in Athens in One Day is the perfect itinerary. And the best places to eat in Athens is a must-read! 

6. Portugal

Bacalhau is the Portuguese word for cod and it seems like Portugal has 365 ways of preparing cod in their dishes. Hence, their bacalhau makes our list.

Bacalhau a bras was our favourite: shredded cod is sautéed with potatoes and onion.

Our perfect 2 Days in Lisbon itinerary includes our recommendation for the local restaurant that serves the best bacalhau!

Portugal is really gaining popularity as a foodie destination and there are plenty of dishes to eat your way through Portugal.

Food Map of Europe - Portugal
Food Map of Europe: It’s about the cod in Portugal.

7. Andorra

The tiny country wedged between France and Spain is not shy next to its neighbours when it comes to food, as they enjoy their own national dish. Escudella is a traditional Catalan slow-cooked stew of meat, potatoes, chickpeas, turnips, and carrots. Perfect for a cold winter evening after a day of skiing.

8. Italy

Oh, Italy, you must be a food affair for many of us. Can the food in Europe get any better than Italian cuisine? Now, that’s a challenge!

Pizza and pasta are deemed to be the ultimate food experience for any visitor, and we politely agree. With 300 types of pasta to try, who could disagree? Food Map of Europe without pasta or pizza is simply not possible.

We answer the common question about where to eat the best pizza in Florence and reveal the food in Rome you need to try – 10 AMAZING Dishes.

We adore this country! Check out our recommendations for the 15 Best Places to Visit in Italy.

Did you know that we used to be Tour Guides in Europe? And, it happens that Italy was always one of our favourite countries to revisit. We’ve combined our knowledge of the most popular cities in Italy and put together a few comprehensive travel guides.

Food Map of Europe: Italy is the birthplace of pizza!

9. San Marino

We thought there was no chance of finding a dish that signifies San Marino, considering its location in the food heaven of Italy. We were wrong. Piadina does it.

Ok, it is flat thin bread, but the filling can include all the goodness of Italy… Think prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, and tomatoes out of the world.

Why you should visit San Marino – The most underrated country in Europe

10. Germany

Wurst, the German word for sausage can truly deliver in the country of pork, sauerkraut and of course, beer. Above all, try the currywurst – fried pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup, a sauce based on spiced ketchup and curry paste. They even have a museum dedicated to currywurst in Berlin.

Food Map of Europe: The ultimate street snack in Germany is wurst!

11. Luxembourg

Judd mat gaardebounen or smoked pork-neck in a cream-based sauce with broad beans is the dish of Luxembourg, which is impressive considering the size of this country. We came, we saw and we eat. And yes it was quite enjoyable.

12. Austria

Schnitzel has been the king in Central Europe probably for centuries and Austria claims to be the birthplace of this tasty meat dish. Boneless meat is hammered thin with a meat tenderizer.

Firstly you coat the meat with flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Then you fry it in vegetable oil.

Traditionally it comes with potatoes. If you ask us, one schnitzel is never enough…

Food Map of Europe - Austria
Food Map of Europe: Schnitzel is a popular food across Central Europe. However, it is Austria that claims to be the birthplace of schnitzel.

13. Switzerland

Fondue is without any doubt the national dish of Switzerland. Emmental and Gruyère cheese are mixed with white wine in a large pot and cooked until the flavours come together. You eat it hot. It bubbles in the pot that sits on a small table gas burner. You simply dip small pieces of rye bread in this cheesy thick mixture.

You really enjoy it in winter – it definitely warms you up. We absolutely loved this Gourmet Tour in Zurich which includes cheese fondue.


14. Belgium

Waffles in Belgium seem to taste better! Belgium waffles are denser than other waffles as they are made with buttery brioche dough and sprinkled with sugar that caramelises on the crust when cooked.

Oh, and strawberry plus whipped cream is a must!

Food Map of Europe - Belgium
Food Map of Europe: You can’t visit Belgium before you have one of these. So try waffles with chocolate and strawberries.

15. Liechtenstein

Another small country that has proudly come up with its own meal. Käsknöpfle is a pasta-like dish with melted cheese, sweet fried onions, butter and applesauce.

16. The Netherlands

Herring might not sound like something you would like to try, but ensure that you do when you come to the country of bikes, cheese and tulips. You will be pleasantly surprised and if you eat it like the Dutch, then it comes with a raw onion as a topping.

Don’t miss our Perfect 3-Day Itinerary for Amsterdam.

Food Map of Europe: Herring is the quintessential snack.

17. Denmark

Smørrebrød means an open sandwich and it consists of a piece of buttered rye bread, topped with cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads. It is an absolute must when in this wonderful country and if you waiter it over the top pleasant, don’t question it, the Danes are the happiest people on the planet. 

Here are 10 Reasons you should visit Denmark

18. Sweden

Köttbullar or Swedish meatballs are renowned around the world, thanks to the world domination of Ikea which spread it across the globe. Oh, and yes, they are delicious. Must go back to Sweden, must eat more meatballs…

And if you’re a coffee lover, then you’ll love Stockholm. The coffee is fantastic! We’ve even curated a list of where to find the best coffee in Stockholm.

Food Map of Europe - Sweden
Food Map of Europe: Sweden is famous for meatballs

19. Finland

Finland isn’t known for its food, but their blubbery pie or in Finnish: mustikkapiirakka (Don’t worry. We had to google the spelling too) is one of the best desserts we have ever had. Juicy, fresh and full of flavours.

If you’re heading to Finland to chase the Northern Lights, this tour includes a traditional Lappish BBQ. How cool would that be?

If you’re short on time, these top 10 things to do in Helsinki are a great way to explore the capital city!

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20. Norway

Yes, we know. Salmon doesn’t sound as foreign and unique, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Salmon in Norway is simply too exquisite not to list here. Don’t believe us? Just try it, and you will understand. Exquisite!

Wondering what else to eat in Norway? Check out our top 12 amazing foods from Norway.

Food Map of Europe - Norway
Food Map of Europe: Trying salmon in Norway is a must.

21. Belarus

If you haven’t been to Belarus yet, Draniki might just be the reason to go. Draniki or potato pancakes are shallow-fried pancakes of grated or ground potato, flour and egg, often flavoured with grated onion or garlic and seasoning.

Topped with mushrooms or sour cream you will question how you could ever live without them.

22. Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, so picking only one dish wasn’t easy, but we had to settle on Pelmeni – Russian dumplings. They are made of soft dough filled with meat and served with sour cream.

You can find them virtually everywhere, from Moscow to Siberia.

Food Map of Europe: Pelmeni it’s not a pretty dish but it’s very tasty.

23. Estonia

Estonia has fantastic food overall, but the most typical and unique meal we encountered must be the Verivorst—a traditional blood sausage.

Yes, we understand it’s not everyone’s taste, but served with sauerkraut and bread and in very cold winter, you might like it.

Don’t miss these 16 Best Things to See and Do in Tallinn, Estonia.

24. Lithuania

Cepelinai is a Lithuanian national dish. They are a kind of dumpling made from grated and riced potatoes and usually stuffed with minced meat, mushrooms or dry cottage. Mushrooms were our favourite and it seems like the country is obsessed with mushroom picking. 

Have you ever wondered about the differences between Latvia and Lithuania? Read more in this quick post about their differences.

Food Map of Europe - Lithuania
Food Map of Europe: Cepelinai is a Lithuanian national dish. Yum!

25. Latvia

After eating lots of potatoes and meat in Latvia, we eventually came across Sklandrausis, a really unique dish. Sklandrausis is a small pie, made from rye pastry that is filled with a mixture of carrots and potatoes and baked.

26. Poland

Pierogi are the most popular Polish food for visitors. And why not? These little dumplings come with tonnes of fillings, but sauerkraut, meat and cheese are the better ones. Pierogi are given with fried onion on top.

Don’t miss these other 18 Traditional Foods from Poland you’ll love. This country has some very cool places to visit. These are our 8 Favourite Cities to visit in Poland.  

Food Map of Europe: Plate of pierogi in Krakow.

27. Kosovo

Flia is the traditional dish in Kosovo and it even has its own national day! Flia consists of multiple crepe-like layers laid in a star pattern and layered with cheese.

It’s served with a kayak ( a dairy product similar to clot cream). 

28. The Czech Republic

Svickova translates to marinated beef sirloin and for us, it is as Czech as it gets. The beef must be marinated for more than 24 hours and it’s served with gravy and Czech dumplings.

So next time you are in the Czech Republic, Czech out these 6 Restaurants serving the best Czech foods in Prague and don’t miss our detailed blog on the 7 best things to do in Prague.

Food Map of Europe:Czech Republic
Food Map of Europe: Czech it out. Svickova is a must try when in the Czech Republic

29. Iceland

Skyr is a famous Icelandic soft cheese/yoghurt and although we understand it might not be considered a dish, it’s simply too tasty not to mention.

Icelanders claim it to be super-food so there is yet another reason to try it.

Our post about how to visit Iceland on a budget and our best money-saving tips cover some of the other food to try while you’re here too. We recommend you travel around this beautiful country on four wheels.

Read our Complete Guide to Renting a Car in Iceland, it includes some very important tips.

30. Slovakia

Halusky or Bryndzove Halušky is the traditional dish of little Slovakia. Potato made dumplings are served with sheep cheese called bryndza and topped with bits of fried bacon. Oh yes, it’s even better than it sounds, trust me… We would live on them if we could.

If you want the best halušky visit “Koliba” which is the name of a traditional old-fashioned restaurant. Or try to eat at “salaš”. Salaš is a traditional type of farmland, usually far from the main cities. The best ones are always in the countryside, near Orava, Liptov and Kysuce ( northern Slovakia). 

Read our complete list of the 18 Most Popular Food from Slovakia.

The Best Places to visit in Slovakia all have traditional restaurants where you can find delicious Slovak cuisine. If you’re visiting the capital city, here are our 13 Things to do in Bratislava Slovakia (including the fun things to do).

Food Map of Europe - Slovakia
Food Map of Europe: The traditional Slovak food is Bryndzove Halusky.

31. Croatia

Whether you love a good burger or not, Pljeskavica will certainly satisfy you. This is the truly Croatian way of doing a burger the right way. Quality meat is minced for a juicy patty, grilled and served inside fresh bread with some vegetables.

Add a sunset over the water somewhere along the long Croatian coast. 

32. Hungary

Goulash is a genuine crowd-pleaser. This thick stew is made out of vegetables, meat and potatoes and seasoned with paprika, the essential spice of Hungary. It has been the national dish of Hungary for centuries. The best thing about goulash, the longer you cook it the better it gets. 

You’ll need our 2 Days in Budapest Itinerary to see the highlights of the capital and find the best Hungarian food along the way. 

Food Map of Europe - Goulash
Food Map of Europe: Goulash originates from the Hungarian word “gulyas” meaning “herdsman”. So goulash is a meat dish of herdsmen.

33. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cevapci or Cevapcici is yet another dish that originates in the Balkan. Minced meat formed into cylindrical pellets is grilled and served in fresh bread with onions, sour cream and ajar (red pepper relish). 

34. Slovenia

Gibanica or the exact Prekmurska Gibanica is a type of dessert that will impress even a no-sweet eater. It beautifully combines poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins and ricotta fillings into one scrumptious dessert. Served hot, you might just experience the foodgasm we had.

Above all, the generous portion might push you over the edge so we suggest eating it with coffee in the afternoon, rather than after your dinner.

Do yourself a favour, and don’t miss the 10 Most Popular Slovenian Foods if you have the pleasure to visit this beautiful nation.

Furthermore, this 3.5 hr food & Wine Tour in Ljubljana covers some amazing food stops, which we highly recommend.

Food Map of Europe - Slovenia
Food Map of Europe: Gibanica is a multilayered dessert – what’s not to like?

35. Serbia

Burek is the ultimate breakfast and snack in Serbia. Essentially a pie made out of flaky dough filled with meat, cheese or spinach, eaten with yoghurt. Travelling to Belgrade?

Take this Serbian cooking class to learn all the secrets.

36. Macedonia

The less explored Macedonia will ignite your taste buds. Tavče Gravče (Baked beans with peppers) is the heart and soul of Macedonian cooking. Fresh beans, onions and red peppers are cooked in a special earthward pot.

Can’t decide what to eat in Macedonia? Here are our top 8 foods you need to try. And our final recommendation is to visit Lake Ohrid – a highlight of our time in Macedonia.

Food Map Of Europe - North Macedonia
Food Map of Europe: North Macedonia is a real foodie destination.

37. Montenegro

Located next to Croatia, Montenegro shares a few dishes with its neighbour. But then there is Kacamak.

Kacamak is a heavy dish consisting of mashed potatoes, cornflour and wheat, served with cheese and milk. It will keep you going all day long.

38. Turkey

Turkey truly delivers when it comes to food. Too many choices to choose from for our extensive food of Europe list! But we think kebab is the most obvious choice! Meat is roasted on a vertical spit and shredded.

Then a pita bread holds it all together: meat with vegetables and yoghurt-based sauce. Amazing!

This is a world-class cuisine. Learn about the must-try foods in Turkey and check out our Turkish Food Guide.

Once you have satisfied your hunger, head to one of the many bakeries selling baklava – a rich sweet pastry made of layers of filo, syrup, nuts and honey. Orgasmic!

Food Map of Europe - Turkey
Food Map of Europe: You can find Baklava across the Middle East. But Turkey has some of the best baklavas we had.

39. Scotland

We have chosen to list Scotland here, instead of absorbing it under the United Kingdom. Mostly, we really wanted to feature Haggis, as it might be amongst one of the most unique meals in Europe.

Haggis consists of a sheep’s or calf’s offal mixed with oatmeal, suet, and seasoning and boiled in a bag, traditionally one made from the animal’s stomach. Maybe you get to try some on this guided secret Food Tour in Edinburgh?

Don’t miss our list of 12 Popular Scottish Foods to Try. And if you’re planning a visit to explore this stunning destination, we recommend you consider touring with Rabbies. We did, and you can read our review on Rabbies Tours to decide whether they’ll be a great fit for you too.

40. England

England is not famous for its culinary treats. But the good old fashion Fish and Chips can be proudly the traditional food of England. So head down to the coast on that one sunny day a year and enjoy it. Believe it or not, London has some fantastic food to be found.

Read about our awesome experience on this London Food Tour, what a great time!

Food Map of Europe - England
Food Map of Europe: You don’t have to be at the seaside to enjoy fish and chips in England.

41. Moldova

Moldova is among the least visited countries in Europe so we were hoping to find undiscovered food here. Mamaliga its national dish is a cornmeal porridge with a bread-like texture. It reminded us of Italian polenta.

42. Ukraine

If you visit Russia or Poland you will find borsch on the menu. But this dish originates from Ukraine. Borsch is a soup made with beetroot and usually served with sour cream, which you can stir in if you prefer a creamier soup. Dill is often the garnish on top of the soup.

Do you know why? To make it “dill – icious”. 🙂

Food Map of Europe - Ukraine
Food Map of Europe: Borsh. Simply dill-licious!

43. Cyprus

Halloumi is the national pride of Cyprus. This semi-hard cheese is made using a mixture of goat, sheep and cow milk and it is exceptional. Unusually for cheese, it can be easily fried or grilled so it is great for barbeque.

Find all the best things to do in Cyprus, including some food-focused tours too.

44. Malta

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, we were expecting Italian/Spanish flavours only to find the national dish to be fenkata – a rabbit stew. Divine! But there is also another dish that defines Malta even more and we decided to add it to our Food Map of Europe: Pastizzi!

This savoury phyllo pastry in a diamond shape is traditionally filled with ricotta or mushy peas. The sound of the crunch when you first bite in is so good. 

Food Map of Europe: Pastizzi in Malta. How many can you eat?

45. Albania

The cuisine of Albania had a strong influence from nearby countries. In short, Italian, Slavic and Turkish flavours come together and create some amazing flavours. The one dish you must try is Fergesë.

This is a dish of baked peppers, cheese, egg and sometimes meat. Scrumptious! Read more about things to do in Albania.

46. Bulgaria

Banitsa is a Bulgarian savoury cheese pie served as an appetiser or street snack. It is created by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry, and then baking it in an oven.

Try to get it when it’s hot, there’s nothing better!

Food Map of Europe - Bulgaria
Food Map of Europe: Banitsa – the perfect breakfast?

47. Romania

Even though Romania is more known for Dracula than its food, we kept our bellies full and our taste buds happy here. Let us intorduce you to Ciorba. A simple but delicious sour soup. It is lemon juice and yeast that make it sour. And apparently, some variations include vegetables and meat.

They also claim to fix your hangover after you had one too many shots of homemade plum brandy.

48. Vatican City

Unfortunately, we could not come up with a unique dish for the smallest country in the world to add to our Food Map of Europe… but we had a pretty nice gelato nearby. 🙂 Does that count?

Maybe go searching for gelato after you’ve completed one of these Top Rated Vatican Tours, a MUST for any visit here.

How about you? What would your Food Map of Europe include? Most importantly, have you tasted a specific European dish you can’t forget? Then let us know in the comments below.

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