amsterdam best food tour
FEBO Owner..what a character!

Another two couples approached us, a Canadian couple and an American couple. This was going to be fun!

Let’s go! Amsterdam Best Food Tour starts now!

We formed what would be our small group of six and we were ready to take on the market stalls, hidden eateries and culinary surprises that Astrid, along with this beautiful city had in store for us.

Astrid explained a little about what we would be tasting today, and off we marched down the road.

It wasn’t far at all until we got to our first food stop, FEBO.

1) Febo

Febo is a chain of Dutch walk-up fast food restaurants of the automatic type. You can see in the tiny windows the food available and the price is visible just next to it.

You select the hot treat that you desire and add your small change to the vending machine and pull the window open to take out your treat and away you go. Such a quirky food business that obviously is very popular.

A wonderful passionate lady spoke about her family-run business with warmth and joy, such a great character to begin the tour I thought.

We were given the small change to purchase some different deep-fried krokets. We cut them in half and bit into the crunchy outside to uncover the delicious surprise inside. Yum.

amsterdam best food tour Febo
It’s like winning a treat! Delicious. Amsterdam best food tour has to include FEBO!

2) Fresh yoghurt stop – Amsterdam has some excellent dairy products

Off we went to taste the finest of what this country always do very well, dairy products. We sat at a fresh yoghurt place and the young lady working there explained an interesting process of how they make the yoghurt which we were to sample.

The natural yoghurt was so fresh with a creamy texture, almost whipped which felt like it should be full fat, but was actually very low in fat.

Yes! Winning, I thought. She served this delightful yoghurt in a small glass cup, accompanied by some sweet raspberries and crushed ginger flavoured biscuits. Bliss.

amsterdam best food tour fresh yoghurt
Simple and delicious…not to mention healthy. TICK!

3) My favourite stop – Surinamese food

A hop, skip and a jump a little further down the little road and we arrived at what might be my favourite treat of the tour. A small Asian-inspired eatery with many different braised types of meat, vegetables and spicy pastes displayed on the front.

Astrid explained a sandwich that we were going to try which was heavily inspired by Suriname, a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America.

amsterdam best food tour surinamese food
Attention Amsterdam Best Food Tour Participants. You will fall in love with this sandwich.


Great for me as I haven’t really tried any Surinamese food. After my first bite of this little taste of heaven, I did not want it to end, needless to say, I am now a huge fan of this cuisine and Suriname is now on the top of my bucket list!

The sandwich was incredible, to say the least, and you need to eat it to appreciate how good it is.

amsterdam best food tour surinamese sandwich
Bursting with can actually see it! I’d do this Amsterdam best food tour just to eat this sandwich all over again.

We wandered through the markets passing by Artisan Food Producers, local farmers and artists. I love strolling through the centre of the organised chaos of this bustling area.

I recognised a sweet aroma in the air or sugar, caramel and cinnamon and sure enough, Astrid stopped us right in front of the freshest and I think the best stroopwafels in the city.

amsterdam best food tour stroopwafel stand
How fresh can you get?

4) Stroopwafel stop

Stroopwafel is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. Delicious! Best eaten when they’ve just been removed from the press, all hot and melty!

5) Cheese! (Amsterdam best food tour has to include cheese)

Next, we popped over to say hello to a Cheese Vendor and enjoyed about five different cheeses. Some old, some new and some even flavoured with rosemary and coloured blue.

My favourite was the cheese that had been aged for 5 years, crumbly yet still creamy. I imagine enjoying this in a park with some crusty bread or crackers and a nice bottle of wine another time perhaps.

amsterdam best food tour cheese
The Aged Cheese…my fave! Amsterdam best food tour had to include cheese. Dutch cheese is the best!

6) Indonesian food – This was so delicious

The next stop was another favourite of mine. We were taken through a little shop which opened into a beautiful little courtyard of a lovely Indonesian lady who was cooking for us today.

Amsterdam is heavily influenced by Indonesian cooking and I was excited to be part of this experience.

The table was set with beautiful cutlery and the setting was perfect. There is no way that we would find this place on our own.

amsterdam best food tour
My favourite meal in Amsterdam. A wonderful experience on this best food tour of the city.

We were served a bowl of delicious soup with fresh herbs and condiments such as fried shallots to add if desired. I’m not sure about everybody else but I was immediately transported to Bali in Indonesia upon tasting this little gem. Talk about cooked with love!

She also served us a chicken skewer with some homemade satay sauce, sambal olek and crunchy fresh ginger paste.  A salad of tomatoes, red onion, fresh mint, and chilli was served with some prawn crackers.

It’s always the small touches that grab my attention when it comes to food and this was all so perfect. Even the cold water on the table had some fresh mint inside to infuse the flavour and I’m guessing to balance the spicy flavours and cool the mouth.

We finished with some fresh tea and an interesting conversation about Amsterdam and continued on our way.

amsterdam best food tour pickled herring
Pickled Herring stand.

7) Pickled Herrings & Kibbeling

Now, what would Amsterdam’s best food tour be without trying the famous pickled herring?

Yes, we did get to try this local favourite served with diced onion and pickles on the side. The texture of this raw fish reminded me of smoked salmon, yet it didn’t smell overly fishy at all.

Looks can be deceiving on this one as surprisingly I really enjoyed it.

amsterdam best food tour
Pickled Herrings.

Astrid also ordered us ‘kibbeling’, which is deep-fried cod (fish) cheeks served with a dipping sauce. What a scrumptious snack that I will definitely try again.

amsterdam best food tour kibbeling
Cod cheeks…yum!

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8) Frites with mayo 

Wandering further through the cobbled stoned streets of this pretty city, we stop at an obviously very popular Fries Stall. Astrid explained that this is the best in the city and locals are known to bicycle 20 min from the other side of the city just to get these chips with mayonnaise because they are the best.

She explains that the secret is because they are twice-cooked!  I love learning culinary secrets! 

It was recommended to get the fries with mayonnaise and Satay sauce so, of course, we do as the locals do and order it this way.  Served with finely diced onion on top, they were so good.

amsterdam best food tour frites mayonnaise
Amsterdam Best Food Tour let us eat the best frites with mayo!

9) Chocolate cookie to finish

Last but not least we were introduced to this super cute little bakeshop that only bakes one product, these amazing chocolate biscuits. They were so scrumptious that I inhaled mine before I took a pic. It was the perfect sweet snack to end our food tour.

Our tour finished in the centre of the city, so it was perfect to continue exploring. We said farewell to Astrid and to our ‘foodie friends’ and wandered away with the afternoon sun still shining bright and a belly full of the finest Dutch street foods around.

One of my favourite things about this food tour is that we got to meet some local people who love what they do and are so passionate about their food. 

If you ask me, food is all about passion and love. You can see it and taste it.  

If you are missing these two vital ingredients then you are in the wrong business.

I’m pleased to say that I tasted a whole lotta love in the food on this tour today…and I think the recipe for this street food tour of Amsterdam is just right.

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Did you count how many stops were included on Amsterdam Best Food Tour? 9 stops! Such good value for money, I can’t wait to return again and revisit all of these places next time.

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